Why You’ll Want Autosan Roadside Assistance in 2022


If you’ve ever been caught in a bad spot with your car, you likely know the irritating feeling of being helpless on the side of the road. Don’t be caught without help by signing up for Autosan Roadside Assistance for towing services in Manila and more. 

Preface: What You Need to Know About Autosan Roadside Assistance

Roadside services in Manila are handy because they can get you out of difficult situations. From towing to flat tire changing, Autosan’s Roadside Assistance has your back! Our services are available Mondays through Fridays, from 8AM to 5PM. Get to know more about them here:


When you’re a FastLane member, you get to enjoy one FREE towing service. Just get in touch with our concierge and provide your FastLane card number and vehicle identification details. The first time you use our towing services in Manila is free up to 15 kilometers, with an additional 80 pesos per kilometer after the initial distance. 

Battery Delivery and Installation

In case of a dead car battery, Autosan can deliver one to you and even have it installed whether you’re at home or in the middle of the road. This convenient service gets your engine running hassle-free.  


If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, don’t panic and don’t worry! Breaking the glass is not your only option! Autosan Roadside Assistance has locksmiths equipped with the right tools and are trained to correctly unlock a car without causing damage. 

Fuel Delivery

When your car runs out of gas with the local gas station miles away or when you’re just too lazy to leave the house and line up, just call Autosan and we’ll get to it right away. We are a team of experts that can handle cars of all kind so you don’t need to worry and just leave the rest to us!


Every driver dreads breaking down and being stranded on the road, but working on cars is no easy feat. When this happens though, know that you can call Autosan. Our reliable mechanics will head your way and check what’s under the hood to keep your engine running.

Flat Tire Changing

No need to get down and dirty when replacing flat tires. Autosan Roadside Assistance is here to lend a hand. Just tell us where you are and we’ll send a team to help you.

Key Takeaways

There are tons of reasons why you’ll need Autosan Roadside Assistance services, and these are the main offerings we have when you sign up. However, take note that cancellation fees are applicable with these Roadside Assistance services, which will be 50% of your total bill should you cancel after a team has been dispatched to help. 

Drive with confidence today, and don’t let the stresses of mechanical issues bring you down with Autosan. Stay up to date by visiting our Facebook page today!


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