Which Kind of Supermom Are You?


Big Little Lies Season 2 is about to start and we’re sure everyone is excited to see what happens to their favourite Monterey mom.

Also, Mamma Mia 2 just aired all over the cinemas and have touched the hearts of many with that “Heartbreaking” song rendition with Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.

Whenever the topic is about our amazing mothers, we can’t help but shed a tear or a bucket of it! You know why? It’s because all mothers are incredible, they are all supermoms!

So, what are the different kinds of supermoms? We have broken it down to a few of which we think everyone can relate to.

Kinds of Supermoms!

The Cool Mom


In some ways, she is very similar to what we know of as “Stacey’s Mom” – chill, carefree, she’s the favorite “Tita” of her daughter’s friends, she might even have a drink or two at Poblacion. If there is one word to describe her, that is FUN.

But above all else, she’s the friend who will always be there and would do anything for her kids.

The Career Driven Mom


By 5am, she’s up making the kid’s lunch boxes. By 6:30am, she’s headed to her gym session and by 9am, she’s at the office kickin’ ass. She’s the boss lady; strong-willed and powerful.

Although she has a busy schedule, she can still manage a career and healthy home life with love, passion and care.

The Proud Stay at Home Mom


The work she does is sometimes perceived as easy and relaxing. However, these are mere misconceptions.

Being a stay at home mom means a nonstop job, she’s always on-duty 24/7, no weekends and no overtime pay.

She’s proud to be at home doing the most important job in the world – raising their kids to prepare them for the future that lies ahead.

The Mom who has it “all together”


She’s a mom of five, an entrepreneur and at the same time, a loving and supporting wife. She is confident of who she is a mom.

Although it seems like everything is perfect, nothing actually went according to how she planned it, she just opened her doors and heart to what life has given her.

The Hippy Dippy Mom


She believes that nature is awesome. She is one with the earth and she wants her kids to enjoy growing up loving it too. The free spirit who teaches her kids to live a jam-packed life full of adventures.

At the end of the day, she just wants her kids to love life and enjoy the best it can give!


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