Washover VS Car Wrap


Are you thinking of changing the appearance of your vehicle or are you thinking of updating the exterior and interior of your car? For whatever reason that you have in mind, you have two options to get the job done: either go for a washover or a car wrap. However, which is better between the two? First, let’s differentiate the them:

What is a washover?

A washover, or most commonly known as auto detailing, is simply modifying a car — from scratches, dead paint spots to the smallest chrome lining of a vehicle. Simply put, having a car washover will definitely cover your car’s imperfections, making it look brand new.

Moreover, auto detailing is usually offered in various auto detailing shops which are offered at a higher price, but with less waiting time. Going for a washover is the perfect option for people who cannot last long without their cars with them. However, keep in mind that not following the proper curing time of a car can immensely result in low-quality output.

Benefits of having a washover

It is true that the physical condition of your vehicle plays a key role in your overall driving enjoyment. In order for you to keep it in its peak shape, setting up a washover for your car is the best thing to do. Not only will it completely restore both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, hence, will also aid in keeping and maintaining it in good condition.

To know more about this, here are some of the top advantages of having your car undergo a washover every once in a while:

  • Having your car undergo a washover will preserve its paint condition

Utilizing your car on a regular basis can definitely damage its exterior paint since it is exposed to dirt, dust, and debris from the road. One of the solutions in making sure that your vehicle does not acquire scratches and pick up tiny dings is to have it do a washover in a professional car shop. Car technicians will apply a generous coat of wax to your car paint, ensuring that it will restore your car its shine, and at the same time, provide a protective barrier for your vehicle.

  • Washover restores the car’s interior and makes driving more comfortable

Another benefit of washover is that it helps in restoring your car’s interior. In fact, all your car seats will be cleaned and conditioned, and will also eliminate all the dirt buildup from your dashboard. As a result, this can definitely improve your driving experience and enjoyment since your vehicle’s interior is fresh and clean. 

  • Washover preserves your vehicle’s value

If you are thinking of selling your car in the near future, then it is always a great idea to set up a regular washover appointment. This will definitely help in preserving the condition and value of your vehicle, which in turn, will be more appealing to future buyers.

What is a car wrap?

On the other hand, a car wrap is a new car customization technique wherein sheets of vinyl are applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle to achieve a new color. Back then, car wraps were primarily used for commercial cars as a way to market a company’s logo and services. Today, car wrapping is now utilized in different situations. In addition, this car customization technique has also become popular in the consumer market as an effective alternative to traditional car painting since this is more affordable, reversible, and an easy method to change the color of a car.

Benefits of car wrapping

Given that car wrapping is still a sought-after choice for businesses, more and more consumers are opting for this method because of the advantages that it has — which are as follows:

  • It is cost-efficient

Compared to the traditional auto detailing process, getting a car wrap in a professional shop is significantly cheaper — making it very cost-efficient to any car owners who want to customize their car at an affordable price. 

  • Car wrap provides vehicle protection

Opting to have a car wrap for your vehicle means that you are choosing to protect the expensive OEM paint underneath the vinyl material from the harmful UV rays and paint damaging elements such as rock chips and sand. 

  • It greatly enhances your car’s appearance

Car wraps come in a myriad selection of colors, finishes, patterns, and textures. With this being said, this gives consumers more customization options for their cars. What’s better is that the vehicle’s design can always be changed or reversed anytime without any hassle!

Washover or Car Wrapping?

These two car customization techniques have their own uses and strengths in different situations.

If, for instance, the paint on your car is in a really bad condition — then you should opt for a washover service already since using a car wrap will not conceal your vehicle’s imperfections.

However, if your vehicle’s paint is still intact and you just want to change its color, then going for car wrapping is your best bet. Not only will it preserve and protect your vehicle’s original paint, hence, the appearance of your car can be updated anytime! (See also: https://news.beepbeep.ph/6-important-procedures-every-car-owner-should-do/)


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