ValuePlus Offers New Service: VP PRIME


Looking for the perfect casa alternative has become harder. A lot of shops offer unique services and good prices but the quality of service seems to be lacking. Luckily, ValuePlus Auto Service is here.

ValuePlus been known to be the best alternative for casas since 2013. They use cutting-edge equipment and tools so that they can provide their customers with high-quality service while getting a bang for the buck!

ValuePlus Auto Service

True to its name, ValuePlus upholds a transparent approach in dealing with their customers. Participation and inquiries are integral during the whole process. Along with this, they employ the best of the best in the industry.

“ValuePlus employs technicians, supervisors, and managers with over 20 years of combined experience from major automotive OEM and car dealerships. Our mechanics are trained to work on multiple car brands. ”

– Mark Saberola, General Manager

ValuePlus VP Prime Maintenance Subscription Program

Introducing VP Prime, an innovative subscription service for your car maintenance needs. It offers an easier solution for car owners to maintain their vehicles by addressing issues that commonly delay preventative maintenance.


  • Vehicle/Customer’s availability (or unavailability)
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Consistency of maintenance
  • Information that empowers them to understand their car’s health
ValuePlus VP Prime Service


  • offer maintenance solutions for their vehicles for the next 12 months
  • parts, labour, and materials that they will need
  • a installment scheme is applied on their credit card; the amount of their full-year maintenance is charged to them on a monthly basis

They will no longer have to worry about their cash-outs during their maintenance because the total amount has been spread out via instalment throughout the year.

VP Prime also features maintenance valet or pickup and delivery via beepbeep.ph

Maintenance Valet - Car pickup and delivery service by beepbeep.ph

A valet driver will pick the vehicle up from the customer and deliver it to the customer after the car maintenance.

VP will also be exclusively launching the CARMEN Car Maintenance App. VP Prime customers will receive a gadget and a corresponding app that communicates with their car. They get real-time data on their phones concerning the health of their cars.

CARMEN Car Maintenance App

The app sends data to VP as the service provider then it will keep track of the car’s safety and roadworthiness. It will send an SMS, email, and notification to the owner and to VP something is amiss with the vehicle.

The information includes battery health temperature, fuel consumption, and other potential error codes that the app will detect.

With all these new innovations coming our way, ValuPlus will truly be one of the top service center which offers the best maintenance and repair solution for the everyday car owner.

Visit ValuePlus Auto Service website to know more about their new VP Prime service.


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