Two Great Garages for Car Care in Manila


There are many garages you can take your ride in for car care in Manila. After all, it’s a forever booming industry wherein hundreds of thousands of people buy cars every year. One thing is for sure; there will never be a shortage of drivers around the Metro. In these cases, you’ll want to know where to get car repairs in Caloocan and auto detailing in Valenzuela. Here’s our feature on two garages that offer car care in Manila:

Boss Chief Auto Shop

At any car business, you’ll always want to be treated as the boss. After all, you’re the one paying them for their services, and fixing a car up isn’t cheap at all. Some models and makes can be quite temperamental, and buying used cars can be a challenge for some. Whatever the reason is, there will be times you’ll need repairs and maintenance. Sometimes, you’ll require PMS services for every 10,000 kilometers driven, while others might be fixes for wear and tear accumulated throughout the years. In these cases, Boss Chief Auto Shop is your best bet for car repairs in Caloocan. 

Driving a car isn’t always smooth sailing, and any long-time owner will tell you this is true. However, if you have access to a good mechanic and garage, you’ll always be out on the road in no time. At Boss Chief Auto Shop, you’ll receive the chief’s treatment and always be given the service you deserve. Whether you need mechanical fixes, aircon repairs, or other restoration jobs, the technicians at this garage are always ready to assist. They’re one of the newer players in the game, but they’re ready and willing to fix anything that comes their way. 

Visit Boss Chief Auto Shop today for a better drive that will keep you confident and safe. Let them know about your concerns on Facebook and find them in Caloocan for a quick fix. Their address is Golden Shower St., Bf Homes, Ph3 Gate 1 Deparo 1401 Caloocan, Metro Manila. They’re always in the mood for work if you need car care in Manila, so go show them some love!

GEM Garage

There is a reason why cars come out of the dealership stock with shiny paint job options. Additionally, there’s also a nice tune that comes out of hearing the beautiful names manufacturers give their paint schemes. From “Crystal White Pearl,” to “Soul Red” and other fantastic names, they definitely look as good as they sound. However, it’s unfortunate to hear that not many people invest in services that deal with car care in Manila. Too often do we see once-beautiful cars with faded paint, and this is exactly what GEM Garage is trying to prevent. 

GEM Garage is true to its name, treating cars like rare gemstones that shine under the sun. It doesn’t matter whether you just came from off-roading or just need a nice washover to remove gunk, this business is one of the best in auto detailing in Valenzuela. In no time, your car will shine like a diamond. Additionally, if you want your cars to turn heads, bringing them to GEM Garage is the way to go. This business has all the facilities and equipment available to turn your car into a mirrored surface, so why wouldn’t you want to invest in their services?

If you’re in the Valenzuela area, it’s a great idea to drop by GEM Garage for their fantastic list of auto detailing services. You’ll have a shiny ride that’ll look great in pictures and on the road. Visit them at 2015 McArthur Hwy. Malanday, Valenzuela, Metro Manila. Additionally, you can find them on Waze for easier access with traffic updates from wherever you’re coming from in the Metro. 

Key Takeaways

Whether you need auto detailing or mechanical repairs, car care in Manila is crucial to keep in mind. Having a well-maintained ride is the key to keeping your vehicle’s value high and for it to survive for years on end. There’s no doubt that these two garages in Caloocan and Valenzuela will help you with anything you might need.


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