Two Affordable Southern Manila Automotive Services to Revive Your Car


Looking good does not have to be expensive, especially when it comes to your car. You don’t need to be driving a multi-million peso car to impress people. In fact, all it takes is a visit to southern Manila automotive services for you to change up your look. By making your paint job shine and adding new wheels to your car, you’ll have a whole new ride in the works. Here are two great shops south of Metro Manila that will help you achieve your dream car look:

South Coat PH

It’s a fact of life that when you buy a car in the Philippines, the elements will expose your paint job to the worst conditions. This reason is why you’ll often see your car’s exterior deteriorate over time. However, not all hope is lost for vehicle owners. Southern Manila automotive services like South Coat PH are ready to assist. If your car’s panels have scuffs and scratches from sub-par car wash techniques, South Coat PH can bring your paint job back to life. With the right products and equipment, this garage has experience with various cars, making them an excellent option for any driver in the Metro. 

Whether you need ceramic coating services or a whole engine wash, South Coat PH is one of the best in the industry. You no longer have to fear the elements destroying your car’s aesthetic with these affordable services. Seeing your vehicle shine as it rolls out of the servicing floor will be enough to draw you back each time. Since the weather conditions of Manila are not getting any cleaner, it’s the right time to invest in auto detailing services. Southern Manila automotive services understand the conditions of the roads around the Metro, which is why they invest in the best equipment. 

You can find South Coat PH in Las Piñas, which is home to many car enthusiasts in the Philippines. Their address is 395 Naga Road, Pulang Lupa Dos. Whether you own an SUV, a compact SUV, or a sedan, they service all of these vehicles at different rates. Call them at +63 916 480 0144 to get a quote on their services list. 

Hotwheels Trading

As your car ages, you might need a new set of tires to keep safe while driving. Many people don’t realize that these components are like the different kinds of shoes we wear. The different brands you see all have their respective qualities and performance abilities. These rubber parts typically have various applications, such as ones for racing and others for all-weather use. If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, it may be time to visit Hotwheels Trading. This Makati garage is easily accessible and can assist whenever you need new tires or even PMS services. 

Hotwheels Trading is a tire shop in Makati that carries almost all tire brands available. From the expensive Pirelli, Achilles, and Yokohama brands to the more affordable all-around ones, you’ll definitely find your piece. Building a performance car isn’t an issue either, as they have premium rubber slicks to help you maintain grip on the track. Off-roading fans don’t need to worry, either, as Hotwheels Trading also has big rims and tires built for challenging applications. Additionally, if your wheels have cracks or scuffs from hitting potholes, this tire shop in Makati also refurbishes mags. This service is fantastic for those who want to breathe life back into their wheels, so they don’t go to waste. 

You’ll come across Hotwheels Trading’s large red sign along 1811 Evangelista St. in Bangkal, Makati. They have tons of mags and tires displayed around their shop, so you probably won’t miss their storefront. If you’re wondering what their stocks are looking like, you can give them a call at +632 8 891 1441 to find out more before you take a trip down to Makati. 


Southern Manila automotive services are vital parts of everyday life. Knowing how important a car is to any Filipino owner, it pays to invest in quality parts and services. Whether you need ceramic coating services or need a tire shop in Makati, these two businesses have your back. 


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