Troubleshoot your Car’s Engine Problems at this Amazing Shop in QC


To troubleshoot your car’s problems is quite difficult to figure out on your own. After all, there’s at least 30,000 parts inside a car, and determining if it’s an engine-wide issue or simply a bolt coming loose can take long hours especially if you didn’t have any training.

Thankfully, there are car shops like 101 Autofix in QC to help car owners troubleshoot their engine woes in a pinch! Learn more about 101 Autofix in below:

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A Gem in the Rough

It’s not easy to find car shops like 101 Autofix because they’re entirely independent of big auto houses found in 1st-party manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, or Mitsubishi. They’re also not as big as full-house service centers like our friends at Rapide who definitely have bigger budgets for promoting their brand. 

We’re excited to share 101 Autofix with you! Operating for already 15 (!) years now, they pride themselves in their ability to troubleshoot what the problems of an engine are in just a couple of hours. 

Nowadays, you’d think that engines are so advanced that their failure would be low. While engines have indeed gotten better through the years, the numbers don’t lie: based on a report by Warranty Direct, the reliability of some manufacturers are still pretty low, specifically Audi, Volkswagen, and quite surprisingly, Mitsubishi.

Troubleshoot and Boost

Most walk-in customers go to Autofix 101 for troubleshooting. But there’s also been an increase in the number of cars adding turbochargers to their engines. At first we thought that these cars are probably coupes or racing sedans, but surprisingly, even SUVs and MPVs get their fix of that sweet, sweet turbo.

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How Autofix 101 Troubleshoots and Fixes Problems

Now we know, this article is full of praise for Autofix 101. Check out some of the reviews they’ve gotten over the years!

One satisfied customer comments

“Very accommodating, thoroughly explains the job done. More HP!” 

Facebook Review on Autofix 101’s page

And yes, we can agree! The servicemen really go into the details explaining every bit of work they do on your car. Your car’s in good hands here, and we see why.

Another review on their Facebook page went on to say:

“Very accommodating and talagang maayos gumawa. Turbo lang pinapalitan ko pero pati ibang problem sa ilalim ng car ko inayos nila! Galing!” 

Facebook Review on Autofix 101’s page

Autofix does good practices like these when they go above and beyond what was asked by the customer just to make sure that they get home satisfied.

Inquire of Autofix 101’s Services Online

It’s easy inquiring about Autofix 101’s services! Simply visit their beepbeep.ph website here http://bit.ly/BoostAutofix to learn more about their services and find their shop’s location. Inquiring on the beepbeep.ph website is FREE, as you just need to sign up for a beepbeep.ph account.

You may inquire to Autofix 101 right now via their landline at (02) 7759 7250! Let them know we sent you there, alright? Happy troubleshooting!


Autofix 101 Images from Autofix 101 FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/101autofixco/

Cover stock image from Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/xe-e69j6-Ds


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