Triple A: Auto Seat Cover and Upholstery


Looking for a shop to give your car seats that fresh look all over again? Look no further because Triple A Auto Seat Cover and Upholstery have you covered, literally.

With their operations starting in the 1990s, Triple A has had over 20 years of experience in the industry; almost like an institution when it comes to seat covers and upholstery.

Aside from car matting and seat covers, Triple A is also known for retailing car accessories. Throughout the years, the brand has slowly but surely built a name for itself.

Being around the industry for quite some time now, Triple A’s customer retention is something that is off the charts.

The brand values quality over quantity thus becoming famous to most of the metro’s car dealers.

Timeliness, Quality, and Cost

So why choose Triple A over other Auto Seat Cover and Upholstery shops in Manila? Well, for starters, they deliver on their promises.

They also provide on-time production, short lead time, and last but not the least, superb quality and service, at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, the guys over at the store strive to continuously innovate and expand their leads so as to open new fields within the same industry which they have accomplished by offering leather seat covers and upholstery.

Raw materials used by Triple A come from all over the world in order to match their clients’ preferences in both quality and price.

So if you’re scared that upgrading your car seats might cost you a fortune, don’t be! Triple A can breathe new life into your car seats at any price point.

Also, in order to service everyone and to support the Business to Consumer (B2C) market, Triple A partnered with several car service centers, gasoline stations around Metro Manila, as well as online marketing firms in the country.

Aside from just providing leather seat covers at all price points, Triple A also offers free installation of said covers when you get your car covers from them.

Triple A is Customized to YOUR Needs

It doesn’t matter if your car is small, medium, or large. From family car to sports car, if you want to give it a personal touch or make it like new, Triple A will save the day. Book your service now!


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