Top 5 Tips For Flood Damaged Cars


Here in the Philippines, when it rains, it floods. This is an unfortunate reality for Filipino motorists. So whenever flooding happens, act quickly to minimize damage. But if there comes a time when you find your car partially or fully submerged in flood water, here are tips you should carry out: 

Don’t start your vehicle

Flood damage is repairable but take note of this golden rule– never attempt to start your vehicle. That’s because water could get into many components of your car and get mixed with oil and other fluids. 

Don’t start your vehicle

Water could have seeped into your transmission, fuel tank, and other mechanical parts too. This is why it’s important to have your car flushed out of all the fluids and get the necessary parts replaced so there will be no further damage. 

Disconnect the battery

As we know, water and electricity don’t mix. When water hits the computer box, it could send the car’s brain haywire when you turn on the ignition. This will cause your electrical components to fail, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. 

Flood Damaged Cars: Disconnect the battery

By disconnecting the battery, you also reduce the chance of getting an electrical shock while inspecting the rest of the vehicle. 

Evaluate the damage

Remember that flood damage can be repairable. Before you open your car, you should inspect how deep the floodwaters are because it can reveal your vehicle’s condition. 

Evaluate the damage

If the water line barely touched the door, the damage is unlikely. But if the water is up to the dashboard or if the car is totally submerged, there’s a high possibility of significant damage so turn to the experts and have your car checked right away.

Clean away

The longer the car stays in the water, the higher the chances of corrosion. As soon as the flood clears out, begin the cleaning process. Dry out the interior to prevent molds. 

Flood Damaged Cars: Clean away the flooded car

Take out the trunk carpet, mats, seat cover, and even the interior trim to let the car breathe. This task may be too much but you can always bring your vehicle to a trusty professional detailer to get the job done.

Manage the odor

Make sure to clean your car thoroughly, especially the interior. This will help when you start deodorizing your car, treating any foul odors caused by the water and molds. 

To be sure, you can seek the help of professionals that can expertly handle the situation for you.

Key Takeaway

One of the first things you ask when your car gets flooded is “are flood-damaged cars repairable?” The answer is YES, depending on the level of damage.

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