Top 5 Car Aircon Tips For Your Car


Your car’s air conditioner is important for keeping the inside of your vehicle cool and comfortable. It’s a must in this humid country where temperatures can reach over 40 degrees celsius.

Maintain and replace parts long before they wear out to make sure that they will run in good condition all year round. Minimized costly repairs and save time with these car aircon tips: 

Schedule a yearly check-up

Car aircon tips #1: Schedule a yearly check-up

Even if your car’s aircon is working properly, make it a habit to visit experts and diagnose it every year, especially if your vehicle is over five years old. Like any other parts in a car, the components of the aircon– the evaporator, condenser, and compressor– are prone to wear and tear.

You can go to PFE CAR Aircon Parts and Supplies for your yearly check-up. This trusted partner shop of ours has four branches, in Quezon City, Marikina, Parañaque, and Cainta. Book your maintenance appointment today and enjoy up to 10% OFF on their services. 

Clean or change the air filter

Dirty air filters clog the airway which prevents proper airflow. When this happens, the coolness of your aircon decreases.

Clean or change the air filter

Check your filter often and clean or replace it when needed at Sub-zero PH Advance Car Aircon Cleaning. They have three branches in the metro: Quezon City, Marikina, and Pateros. Visit the branch near you and take advantage of their DISCOUNT OFFER of up to 10% on their services. 

Keep your car clean

One of the car aircon tips we swear by is cleaning your car. This is because dirt and moisture can badly affect your car’s air conditioning unit. Vacuum your carpets and mats every week to ensure that the vents will not attract any dust, resulting in better cooling. 

Keep your car clean

Drop by RGL Auto Parts-Branch Car Aircon at Evangelista, Makati for your car aircon’s needs and enjoy their DISCOUNT of up to 5% on their services. 

Roll the windows up!

Roll the windows up!

If you habitually roll down the windows while the air conditioner is blasting at full power, you might want to rethink that. Opening your windows will require more time to cool the space, making your unit work harder and reducing fuel economy. 

Shut your AC correctly

Among the car aircon tips, this is the simplest but is often overlooked. Remember to turn off the aircon first before switching off the engine. This way, the fan will stop working, preventing the growth of moss and bacteria. 

Shut your AC correctly

Keep the air fresh and good-smelling as you drive with these car aircon tips. Observe them properly and regularly so your air conditioning unit will last longer.


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