Top 10 Best Car Shop Lounges in Metro Manila


Hello, October!

While Christmas is fast approaching, better get your cars ready for mall-hopping, night out, road trip, outing, and other travels.

As the rainy season continues, gear yourself up with a car that’s well-functioning and safe to drive.

And because companies and employees make the satisfaction of their customers a priority, here’s a list of highly conducive car shop lounges.

Sitting back and relaxing will now be just a piece of cake as you wait for your car to get done.

1. Ford Manila Bay

Ford Manila Bay - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Gino

Feeling at home is not a problem in the South. Entertain yourself with good shows to watch on television or magazines to read while seated on these cozy couch. Plus, waiting wouldn’t feel like forever anymore.

You get to loosen up because Ford Manila Bay also offers soothing sensation brought to you by massage chairs.

2. Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Monkey Wrench Garage

Waiting for your car to be repaired? Relax inside the car-themed lounge of Monkey Wrench in Taguig. Sofas are designed like bucket seats of a car. Car plate numbers are hung on the wall.

Staying in here would somehow feel like you’re in your car, except for the moving motion.

3. Chevrolet Makati

Chevrolet Makati - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Chevrolet Makati

Chevrolet Makati’s service reception isn’t just any place with ordinary chairs. Its customer lounge has comfortable sofas where you can stay. Not only that, it has flat screen TVs so you can chill while watching films and shows.

4. Nissan Quezon Avenue

Nissan Quezon Avenue - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Vic Alvear

Bored while waiting? Don’t worry! Nissan Quezon Avenue has free coffee to wake you up and boost your energy to endure waiting. You can now enjoy your coffee on homey couches. The bonus is you get to do this while watching its handpicked movies.

5. Pronto Auto Services

Pronto Auto Services - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Pronto Auto Services

Lounge away time, and sit comfortably on Pronto’s black leather sofa.

6. Mighty Auto Detailing

Mighty Auto Detailing - JCs Man Grub - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © JC’s Man Grub

Growling stomach? Looking for thirst-quenching drinks? Problems solved! JC’s Man Grub, located inside the lot of Mighty Auto Detailing, offers a variety of grub from snacks to rice meals. Killing time won’t seem endless if there’s food dying to see you.

7. CBV Motors

CBV Motors - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © John Phillips Bengero

Can’t get away from the internet? You can still be sharing memes, tweet “hugots”, or upload selfie in CBV Motors’ customer lounge. Their free WiFi comes along with food products you can buy… with honesty. Featuring the Honesty Fridge, pay with integrity.

8. Bridgestone Alabang

Bridgetone Alabang - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Erik G

Truly, the South is filled with lounges that won’t keep you tired of waiting while your car is being pampered. The lounge has tables that are conducive for work requiring pen and paper or even laptop. If you decide to chill, turn around and enjoy your viewing on the TV screen.

9. Arisaka Garage

Arisaka Garage - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Arisaka Garage

Delight in different shades of tan at Arisaka’s Garage lounge. The couch, wall, ceiling, table, almost everything is in tan, except for some that are in shades of gray. Cheers to a good place with a few drinks and films to offer to customers!

10. Toyota Commonwealth

Toyota Commonwealth - Best Car Shop Lounges
Photo by © Adorada Policarpio

What better way to wait for your car than to sip a hot coffee? Toyota Commonwealth is a little bit extra for you can read a newspaper or simply scroll down pages on your phone while sitting idly on comfy sofas.

Wait, there’s more! WiFi in most of these car shop lounges is available so worry no more.

That’s it! You can go to the nearest car shops, and chill at their comfortable lounge despite long hours of waiting.

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Don’t forget to check out beepbeep.ph for maintenance valet booking and other information that can help you with your car.

Did we miss something on our list? Share it with us via commenting below.

Until your next car shop visit!


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