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Tires servicing is simply one of the most important things to do for your car. Out of all the components of a vehicle, it’s the tires that contact the road, taking most of the wear and tear when you take your car for a drive. While the state of Philippine roads is slowly getting better, there are still lots of badly conditioned ones that can deal substantial damage to your rubber. And we don’t have to emphasize how having a bad set can really set you off to a dreadful day.

Now we’ve previously talked about the importance of checking your car out for damage before you go for a drive, and we’ve also advocated for other brands who’ve raised the charge towards safer roads in the country. We think that these efforts are good starting points for improving car safety, but we also know that to realize this, we’d need the full effort of the industry. Most importantly perhaps, we’d need the help of car shops too.

That’s why we’d like to feature one of our most trusted independent car shops in the Metro specializing in tires servicing: Entire Car Care Centre in QC! Learn more about them below and how they’re making driving safer and more convenient for their customers.

A Legacy of Quality Tires Servicing

Let’s start with Entire Car Care Centre’s history. They started more than 26 years ago, in their flagship store in 44 Nicanor Roxas St., Brgy. Sta. Teresita, Quezon City. From its establishment, Entire has promised to provide quality products (mainly tires) to its customers, pairing it with professional-level quality of services for tires servicing. 

From that time, they have been pushing their business forward as a wholly family-owned business into new heights. Completely independent from the bigger casas and brands that have permeated in the country for longer, Entire has established itself as a big name in the whole of Metro Manila. Being aptly located in QC, they started getting increased customers for the quality of products and services they provide.

Beginning with selling just passenger tires, Entire has expanded to serve other use-cases, which we will discuss later. Turns out that when you hit the ground running strong, you can do a lot more for other vehicle types.

entire car care centre in qc facade big shop tire balancing alignment wheel change swap

Mastery of an Entire Craft

You’d expect that Entire Car Care Centre would be experts at tires servicing, which obviously, they are! Some of their mechanics have stayed on for years, going on decades with the business, allowing them to know many of the regular customers. This leads to a great understanding between customer and shop, which brings out the best results when everything’s said and done.

entire attendants professionally trained veterans in field

Bringing your car to Entire is a really pleasant experience. The management made sure to train their staff to provide the best service possible to their customers in a very professional manner. You should expect to learn something new about your tires and threads because the staff really want you to know what you’re paying for.

Now if you ask us if this is the criteria you need to look for in a car shop, we’d say, “Hmm, maybe that’s not everything.” For us, the best service you can get doesn’t just rely on the people that do it, but also the tools they use. Technology has gotten so advanced today that having the right instruments ready can take the quality of work to extraordinary heights.

state of the art technology for tires servicing risers automated computerized

Staying Ahead of the Entire Curve

Thankfully, Entire Car Care Centre has covered that ground as well. Not getting behind the curve, they make it a habit to ensure that they are using the latest and best equipment in the industry today. After all, if you want to continue setting the bar high by providing a consistent high quality labor for decades, you have to be consistent in the hardware department too. 

bleeding edge technology in tire servicing

Curious about what tools and hardware they use in-store? Have a look at their list of professional-grade apparatus:

  • Hunter & FMC (John Bean) Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • Haweka (German) Truck / Bus & Heavy Equipment Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • Fasep Car and Truck / Bus Tire Changer
  • Autometer Battery Tester

All these tools contribute to that high-quality service they’ve always succeeded in providing thousands of their customers with day-by-day. Having great customer service and leading-edge technology allows Entire to provide a extensive and growing list of services:

  • Computerized 4-Wheel Complete Wheel Alignment
  • Car and Truck / Bus Tire Balancing
  • Car and Truck / Bus and Agricultural Tire Mounting
  • Brake Repair & Brake Disc Reface
  • Change Oil/Tune-up
  • Underchassis & Suspension Repair
  • Computerized Truck Wheel Alignment for Truck / Bus Multiple Axles, Heavy Equipment and Farm Tractors

Long-Reaching Range of Products

Well, a tires shop won’t be a tire shop if it didn’t have them in stock, right? Entire has that, and might we say, a heck of a lot more. We mentioned previously that they have expanded to tires being used in other use-cases apart from passenger cars, and indeed they have done so effectively in more recent years.

otani tires sole distributor thailand trucks better grip gravel extrreme use

Entire isn’t just known for the quality service they provide to road vehicles, but others as well. This includes truck, forklift, and construction tires, as well as rubber tracks. They are the sole distributor of the following in the country:

  1. Otani (Thailand) Nylon Bias, Agricultural, Construction & Heavy Equipment, Steel Radial Truck and Passenger Tires
  2. Camso “SOLIDEAL” Forklift Solid Tires (Vietnam), Forklift Pneumatic, PressOn, OTR Port Tires and Rubber Tracks (Sri Lanka)

Their partnerships on the end-user side however haven’t been left behind either. They have been importing highly-reputable Michelin tires for years now. (That’s a tire brand used by Formula 1!) They are also a proud distributor of BF Goodrich tires in the Philippines.

michelin formula 1 tires imported philippines

Need a complete list of their product lines? Check out the complete list below:

  • Passenger Car Radial Tires
  • Light Truck Bias & Radial Tires
  • Truck/Bus Bias & Radial Tires
  • Industrial/Forklift Solid & Pneumatic Tires
  • Off-the-Road Construction Tires
  • Agricultural Tires on Bias & Radial
  • Korean inner tubes & flaps
  • Automotive Batteries

An Entire Center for Your Tires Servicing Needs

When it comes to tires servicing, Entire Car Care Centre is an easy recommendation from us. As mentioned, tires are one of the more vulnerable parts of your car that will need a change in time. It’s a matter of when rather than if when it comes to your tires. Waiting for a problem to happen really shouldn’t be in anyone’s list of things to do while owning a vehicle.

We’ve tried our best to feature car shops that have a good track record in our blog. We know that the work done on cars isn’t just for its longevity, it’s also for the safety of the people who ride it too. Safety should always be a consideration; we’ll hold that into account whenever we recommend shops like Entire

So when it comes to anything tires servicing-related, it’s the reliable names that are your best bet. We want to ensure that the labor they do on your vehicle isn’t done haphazardly, but with professional attention. We believe it’s shops like Entire that can provide you with utmost safety when driving.

And well, that’s all for this article! If you’re interested in learning more about Entire Car Care Centre in QC, you may visit their website here! you visit their Facebook page, or call their hotlines at: +63 (2) 87321173, +63 (2) 87438847, +63 (2) 87438848. 

Safe travels, everyone!


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