Three Decades of Quality Auto Parts In Banawe With Seiwa Automotive Supply


Northern Metro Manila is the mechanical heart of the Philippines. Decades of trust and quality assurance forge car owners and their relationships with local shops. In fact, some customers are loyal to the bone and only go to their trusty mechanics in the area. Many go to Quezon City to grab auto parts in Banawe. The garages in this area have years of experience in handling various automobiles and meeting owners’ needs. One of the top garages in the area has been around for over 30 years now. Seiwa Automotive Supply continues to dedicate resources to provide quality components to vehicle owners from all walks of life. 

If you’re looking to buy genuine auto parts in Quezon City, look no further with Seiwa Automotive Supply. While international car owners often doubt parts that are not from the dealership, Filipinos love to buy from various small-scale garages because of their savings. Additionally, the Philippines has a healthy mix of cars, old and new, which means genuine auto parts are always in demand. Here’s more you’ll want to know about this fantastic Banawe garage:

Auto Parts in Banawe for the Filipino Auto Enthusiast

Banawe is the Philippines’ go-to source for auto parts and services. In fact, other garages south of Luzon add Banawe to their name because of the prestige. The moment people hear “Banawe,” they always think of quality vehicle-related services and components. Overall, people love to hear that name because of top-tier work that’s affordable for the most part. 

Seiwa Automotive Supply lives up to the expectations, as they’ve been serving various vehicle owners with components for over three decades. They may not have any awards from organizations or institutions, but loyal customers will tell you they never disappoint. Whether you need genuine Toyota parts in Quezon City or other branded components, they’ve got your back! They’ve been the specialists at providing auto parts in Banawe, and they’ll give you the quality assurance that everything works as intended. Seiwa has even updated their services and now offer online parts shopping from home! If that isn’t innovation, then what is?

Family Businesses Prevail When It Comes to Auto Parts in Banawe

What makes for outstanding services is when you know that a dedicated family owns the business. Seiwa Automotive Supply is on its second generation of ownership, which means the torch is now with the next set of owners. Many Filipinos feel more comfortable when purchasing from family-run stores because they tend to understand better. Car shops in Banawe have started from scratch and likely know how to treat their customers best. 

You might wonder how they manage to keep their business alive throughout the years. If anything, genuine auto parts in Quezon City are in demand, and Seiwa always provides. They have components for almost all brands of Asian-origin motors at affordable rates. While all businesses exist to make a living and profit, the owners of Seiwa still provide the same level of service they’ve always given. Despite their success, they still have never let it get to their heads. After 30 years, they’re still the place to go when someone is looking for genuine auto parts in Quezon City. 

Why Choose Auto Parts in Banawe Over the Casa?

Some people are not aware of why it can be advantageous to buy genuine auto parts from small businesses rather than from the casa. In short, if your car is brand new and is still under warranty from the dealership, it’s best to bring it into the casa for servicing. However, older vehicles that are past the warranty period may not be worth the price you’ll be paying for casa-level services. Filipinos know this very well, which is why many purchase auto parts in Banawe and other areas to cut costs and maintain quality. 

Since most components will still be in good shape, family-owned businesses like Seiwa can be a haven for harder-to-find ones. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to invest in genuine parts that aren’t from the casa, and this is where shops like Seiwa shine. They may not offer the installation services other garages do, but you’ll always find a mechanic to do the dirty work here. The glorious part of the Philippines is that our technicians have fantastic skills, and other Banawe garages can fit the items for you in no time. 


Auto parts in Banawe are far and plenty, and the numbers continue to grow throughout the years. However, never miss out on the opportunity to visit Seiwa Automotive Supply for top-quality components at affordable rates. You’ll never regret buying parts from this second-generation family-owned company that treats customers well. 

Seiwa Automotive Supply is your go-to retailer for various genuine auto parts in Quezon City, specifically in Banawe. If you’re in the market for quality components and chance upon Banawe, give their shop a visit at 37G Banawe Street, 1114 Quezon City. You can also call them at +63 2 732 7554 or email them at [email protected]


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