These Car Exterior Maintenance Services will Provoke a Unique Driving Experience


Car exterior maintenance services are just as important as the inner workings of your vehicle. Manila’s roads will leave your car dusty and grimy, especially when it rains. One thing to remember is that wet conditions and dirt will cause rust to form. Additionally, hot days can make driving uncomfortable, even with air conditioning at full blast. These cases are where car restoration shops such as Quezon City detailing services come into the picture. Here are two great businesses that can assist you with your car’s exterior upkeep:

The Tint Laboratory PH

The previous era of window tint products was used to hide valuables and identities of those inside cars. Investing in dark or mirror tints is a thing of the past because of how hot they make car interiors. Imagine all the heat trapped in the cabin after leaving your vehicle soaking in the sun in a parking lot for a few hours. It isn’t a fun experience to start your car and drive for the first few minutes. Car exterior maintenance services are more than just car washes and paint jobs; but they also include businesses like The Tint Laboratory PH

The Tint Laboratory PH’s services offer nano-ceramic film tint products, complete with installation. If you’re not sure what this product does, it acts as a heat shield between your car’s interior and the hot sun outside. This shield is perfect for the Philippines’ weather, as it can be scorching on summer days. Many videos exist online showing the effectiveness of nano-ceramic film tint products, and you’ll see how well they prevent your ride from becoming an oven on wheels. Additionally, they serve the supercar clientele, which means they’re a trustworthy source of tinting services. 

Visit The Tint Laboratory PH for a seamless application of window tinting products. Nano-ceramic film tint installation is what you need for your new car to ensure you drive with comfort. Invest in these products today by making your way to 12 Rd. 20, Project 8, Quezon City. You won’t be disappointed when you see their facilities and equipment. 

AutoMedics Ph

A showroom finish is what all car owners dream of having, whether they own a specialty car or a daily driver. Paint jobs are the first thing people notice about any vehicle because it’s a fact that people usually judge based on looks. Even if you think your car is nothing special, taking care of its paint job or giving it a new one is a sure way to turn heads. In fact, true enthusiasts will always appreciate a clean-looking, bone-stock car any day. AutoMedics Ph is one of the best garages on these occasions, as they work on paint jobs and restoration services very well. Car exterior maintenance services in Quezon City are always ready to assist any client that rolls into their garages. 

AutoMedics Ph is one of the best Quezon City detailing services, as they ensure that each car gets the best treatment. Many cars that invest in their painting and detailing jobs often exit looking like they came out of the showroom. The shine is so great that your car may even be the next car show winner! They also do bodywork repairs, so any marks or bumps your car has will be straightened out and given an edge once again. 

Many vehicle owners have their paint jobs done at AutoMedics Ph, whether it be motorcycle riders or avid auto enthusiasts. The clean jobs are visible in their end products, which always leaves their clientele full of satisfaction. After all, nothing looks smoother than a car with an excellent paint job. Visit their garage at 6 Alabama St. Brgy. Kristong Hari, Quezon City. 

A New Look for Your Car

You’ll never see your ride the same way once you start investing in the right car exterior maintenance services. Whether it’s looking into auto detailing or specialty window tint products, there’s always a reason to put money into these services. You’ll definitely thank yourself for taking care of the car you drive because the returns will come in tenfold. 


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