The Complete Guide to Driver’s License Renewal if You Want 10-Year Validity


A driver’s license ensures that everyone who holds one is up to specifications to be behind the wheel. But the process of getting one can be tedious. Good thing you can now be issued with a license valid for 10 years as long as you meet certain conditions. And when you do, easily secure your very own with this info for driver’s license renewal:

Condition 1: No Traffic Violations

The process for your driver’s license renewal will be much quicker if you haven’t incurred any violations. Now, if you’re wondering how many violations you may have had in the past years owning a license, you can check the details on the LTO Portal online. All you need to do is input your License Number and other necessary data. 

Condition 2: Get a Passing Score on the CDE Exam

Prepare for and take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education Exam. You can accomplish this online. And once you’re done, print the results to bring to the LTO office. 

Condition 3: Must be at least 60 Days Before Expiry Date

It’s best to process your license as early as possible. Schedule accordingly and work on your application at least 60 days before the expiry date.

Steps to Get Your New Driver’s License

Firstly, you’ll need to register and take the exam online at the LTO Portal. There, you’ll also be able to see your eligibility for the 10-year driver’s license renewal from the get-go. If you pass the exam, print the certificate sent to your email and show it to the office. 

Next, once at the LTO, proceed to the window with your old license, medical certificate, and your passed CDE exam. After this, pay the processing fee of Php 585. Lastly, head to the biometrics section. You’ll be asked for your fingerprints, picture, signature, and if your details are complete and correct. 


Get the 10-year license validity when you can to save yourself from the hassle over the years! Also remember to stay away from fixers, as these people can get you into trouble with getting your legitimate driver’s license. 

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