Cooler Pastures: The Best Car Aircon Repair Garages in Manila


The Philippines is about to head into the summer inferno that we experience annually. Everyone hates the heat unless they’re heading to the beach. However, the beach may not be an option this year for most people this 2021. With this, we’re expecting a hot and sticky summer at home while we sit the pandemic out. One thing’s for sure; we’ll still be driving, running errands, and perhaps moving cars around. The issue is if damages to your aircon unit occur and your blower starts spewing hot air. If this happens to you, visit your local car aircon repair garages, which we’ll be talking about today:

PFE Car Aircon & Auto Electrical

Car aircon repair services are crucial because mechanical failures are always a possibility. Sometimes, your pipes may experience freon leaks, or the air compressor may fail. Once these occur, you’ll be in for a horrible summer experience. In fact, one of the most significant considerations Filipinos look at when choosing a car is the air conditioning unit. If you’re looking for shops that repair car aircon units in Quezon City, visit PFE Car Aircon & Auto Electrical. This Novaliches shop has great technicians who can serve you with top-tier car aircon repair services and other basic maintenance procedures. 

As one of the best car aircon repair shops in Manila, PFE will solve your car aircon woes in no time. They can service all types of car sizes and models, so accommodating your needs will be quick. Maintenance and mechanical repairs are also part of their offerings, with electricals being a shop specialty. Since auto wiring is vital for vehicle functionality, they’ll be able to fix just about anything relating to the circuitry. Modern vehicles run on various power sources, and your aircon unit also relies on electricity to blow cold air. 

PFE Car Aircon & Auto Electrical’s garage has a two-car bay capacity to serve their clients. They can do freon top-ups and other car aircon repair jobs, which are crucial for the upcoming summer season. Be sure to bring cash, as they don’t accept cards yet. Visit them at 753 Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, 1123 Quezon City. They’re quick to serve and will have your aircon diagnosed and running in no time. You may also call them at +63 917 819 5456 before you take a trip to their shop. 

ARJAY Car Aircon & Electric

Next on our list is another excellent car aircon repair shop that similarly offers electrical wiring works. In fact, ARJAY Car Aircon & Electric is an excellent car aircon parts shop that sells various components. Their best practices even include basic maintenance procedures, which is great for older vehicles. If you’re looking for where to buy car aircon parts in Antipolo, you’ve come to the right place. As the best car aircon repair parts shop in Rizal, this garage is a premium option for quality yet affordable components. 

Car aircon repair and electrical services are no job for those who have no training. You could end up with nasty shocks and injuries, which is why it’s a job for professionals. It involves tons of circuitry and mechanical engineering know-how to get a car up and running. If you buy quality components from a car aircon parts shop, you’ll similarly want them to install them as well. The workers at ARJAY Car Aircon & Electric are quick to diagnose, making servicing a breeze. Additionally, the parts selection of this humble shop is affordable, which is suitable for older model vehicles. 

The best car aircon repair parts shop in Rizal is ready to serve you quality products and maintenance duties. You’ll want to visit their shop because of the affordable rates, which will save you tons, especially if you own an older car. ARJAY Car Aircon & Electric is found in 1221 Soliven Street, Mayamot, Antipolo. Additionally, you may call them at +63 955 763 3361 for more information. 

RL Car Aircon Auto Electrical Shop

Car aircon and electrical repairs go hand in hand. They have interrelations due to electricity powering a car, with the aircon unit included. Many people go through damages with their compressors, cabin filters, and even freon piping. If these ever happen, you’ll want professional assistance in fixing the issues. Aircon issues can stem deeper than what you may think, as they can originate from various vehicular problems. Once you start feeling hot air coming out of your car’s ventilation, you’ll want to find a shop to fix things. Northern residents wondering where to repair car aircon units in Cainta can visit RL Car Aircon Auto Electrical Shop.

Those who require car electrical repairs in Rizal to go along with their aircon units have come to the right place. Most of the time, electrical issues spell danger for drivers, especially when vehicles lose power at speed. Maintenance work has to be a regular occurrence, but things can still go wrong post-PMS. If you need minor repair work and other car aircon servicing, RL Car Aircon Auto Electrical Shop is here to help. Those who find themselves struggling with their vehicle wiring and power issues can benefit from a visit to their Cainta garage. 

If you want to visit their shop, you’ll find them at 343 Mars St. San Francisco, Brgy. San Juan, Casimiro Ynares Road, Cainta, Rizal. They have plenty of services ranging from car aircon repairs to power issue fixing. Call them at +63 915 737 3230 to see what else they can do for you. 


Car aircon servicing should be on anyone’s checklist as summer starts to roll into the Philippines. Many are feeling the heat already, and if your car’s cooling system fails, you’re in for a bad time. Have everything ready to beat the heat by visiting your local and trustworthy car aircon repair garages today!

How about you? Is your aircon unit’s functionality essential now that summer is fast approaching? What do you do to beat the heat? Let us know by getting in touch with us at beepbeep.ph or on our Facebook page!


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