The 2022 Guide to the Metro Manila Car Shop Industry


The Metro Manila car shop industry is complete and concise. There is a collection of different performance, detailing, and maintenance garages all around the city. In fact, beepbeep.ph is your complete guide to finding the best ones for you; all you have to do is stay up to date by reading our blog posts. In fact, scoring a FastLane membership card just might be a great idea to get deals and promotions. Here are three places to get auto care in Manila if you just so happen to require them:

Rael Autoworks and Carwash

As time progresses, it’s no doubt that your car will go through various maintenance needs and requirements. Parts and components experience wear and tear quite frequently, which is why you’ll need car repairs in Manila every so often. Responsible motoring isn’t just driving defensively, but it’s also making sure that all parts are serviced frequently. In these cases, Rael Autoworks and Carwash is here to service all sorts of vehicles while offering car washes to customers in need. They can do everything from change oil jobs to brake pad replacement for a complete tune-up. 

One of the best parts about this Metro Manila car shop is that they appreciate their customers. They have partnered up with the Ciaz Auto Club Philippines and groups like the South Swifters Ph club so that members can take advantage of a 5% discount on their PMS packages. They’re also very attentive to the needs of their customers and will always be ready to answer any questions and teach better damage prevention methods. There is definitely a reason why many people trust this humble garage for car repairs in Manila, and their customer-centered vision is one of them. 

The motion of owning a car is never always smooth. This reason is why knowing the right Metro Manila car shop for the job is crucial. If you need reliable and surefire auto care in Manila, be sure to contact Rael Autoworks and Carwash in Taguig. You’ll find them at 87 Victorio Cruz, Lower Bicutan, 1632 Taguig for those in the area or willing to take the trip. 

Rgl Auto Parts-Branch Car Aircon

Makati isn’t always just shopping malls, office buildings, or party places. Parts of it are home to the best garages for auto care in Manila. Along one of the more peculiar corners of the city is home to a special Metro Manila car shop. They deal with one of the most crucial components to surviving everyday driving: the car air conditioning unit. Car air conditioning, known as “car aircon” to the Filipinos, is vital to driving around the city. Almost every day spent in the Metro is hot, and being stuck in a hotbox of a vehicle can be painful. If your car aircon isn’t working as intended, visit Rgl Auto Parts-Branch Car Aircon.

Sometimes your car will blow hot air because of damages to the servo motor or other crucial air conditioning components. A lack of freon might just cause other issues to cool the air up, along with a dirty system. If you need repairs or spare parts for your car’s aircon, you’ll likely want to visit Rgl Auto Parts-Branch Car Aircon. It’s not comfortable to drive around in a hot car, which will be magnified when summer comes around quite soon. Long drives are unbearable without the unit working, so why subject yourself to that kind of torture?

If you’re looking for a Metro Manila car shop that can repair your aircon and guarantee an ice-cold blast of air, look no further. Rgl Auto Parts-Branch Car Aircon is one of the top players in the industry for cooler pastures ahead. Find this garage that does car repairs in Manila at 1677 Evangelista St., Makati. 

Goodwheel Car Care Center

Your car is a whole mix of various components that allow it to take you from Point A to Point B. While there are garages out there that can help tune your ride and make it perform better, it always pays to have a garage that does auto care in Manila. You won’t always need more power or stability, but you’ll definitely need car repairs. As wear and tear become more prominent in your vehicle, it’s great to visit a full-service Metro Manila car shop like Goodwheel Car Care Center. This garage will get your ride up and running in no time, with quality services as a guarantee. 

Whether you’re looking for a shop that can do bodyworks or more mechanical repairs, Goodwheel Car Care Center is one of the best. PMS jobs are also their specialty, so you won’t need to look too far. Tune-ups are crucial for your upcoming long drive, so keep that in mind. Their mechanics are practically experts at auto care in Manila, as they’ve been in the business for years. Not only do they treat your car with respect at the shop, but they also teach owners how to extend the care given to them. If you’re looking for trustworthy mechanics that are patient with clients, look no further than with Goodwheel Car Care Center. 

If you’re ready for car repairs in Manila, you’ll find them at 1991 Abad Santos 1012 Manila. They’re ready and willing to extend a wrench or two to solve your problems, no matter what they might be. 

Key Takeaways

Manila is a haven for auto care services. There’s always going to be a garage that fits your needs and standards. If one doesn’t work out, you may always move on to the next. Here’s to hoping these three Metro Manila car shops tick the boxes on your checklist!


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