Survive Rainy Season Traffic with These 5 Tips


The rainy season is in full swing! We’re seeing rain almost every week, and naturally, traffic comes with it. And guess what? Nobody likes traffic.

Looking to stay away from traffic and city driving? Look no further because we’ve compiled 5 tips to help you get over the rainy-day blues!

1. Try to leave just a little bit earlier than usual.

grandma dabbing the traffic away
Go tell ’em, gramma.

We know, we know. It’s the classic advice from lola. But it works! We all know the difference of leaving even just 5 minutes earlier. How can you experience traffic if traffic isn’t even there yet, right?

But sometimes that doesn’t cut it. Traffic can be inescapable at times. So why not…

2. Have someone else drive your car?

The best way to get to your destination is by hiring a personal driver. 5 years ago this might be a stretch, but now, there’s Driver on Demand.

driver to help you get away from the rainy-day blues brought by the traffic

With Driver on Demand, you can hire a driver for 8 hours to bring you wherever with ease. It may be traffic but at least you have a personal driver who can get you there comfortably and safely. 

3. Play some beats and let off some steam.

When you’re already stuck in traffic, you should try to keep a leveled head. Keep it cool by listening to tunes that you can sing along with.

what better way to enjoy your time stuck in traffic than singing some karaoke with your friends?
…my frieeends!

Bonus tip: make a playlist of your favorite karaoke songs and sing along with friends! May CARaoke ka na! (no puns were harmed in the making of this article.)

4. Avoid getting hungry on the road.

Imagine getting stuck in EDSA hungry, with no drive-thru or gas station in sight. You honk every 5 seconds and end up getting everyone annoyed. How do you avoid this?

don't go crazy and lose your mind over the traffic on the road, like cookie monster.
Don’t go cookie-crazy on the road.

Simple: bring a snack! It doesn’t matter if it’s cookies or pan de sal. What’s important is you don’t get grumpy on the road.

5. Stay at Home.

better to snug in warm at home instead of braving the traffic and rain outside.
It’s also called cuddle weather, after all.

Isn’t it tempting? Pull a chair, pour some coffee, and read a book. Enjoy the rainy season! It’s probably way better than enduring Manila traffic. You won’t find a more relaxing time to stay in than now. 

This is of course the last straw. But if you really need to get somewhere without hassle, then you should try out Driver on Demand!

Visit https://www.beepbeep.ph/driver-on-demand to book a trip now. You may also call our hotline at 8541–9999 schedule one with our representatives.

You may learn more about Driver on Demand through our FAQs page.


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