Southern Manila Car Businesses to Make Your Ride Jaw-Dropping


Not many people consider the south of Metro Manila as a critical player in the auto industry. However, more and more shops are opening up all over the country, which is a great thing to note for the Philippines’ auto industry. In fact, southern Manila car businesses are flourishing as they offer more to the area’s residents. If you’re in the market for auto services in Paranaque or Las Pinas, this is the article for you:

Speedy618 Cars

As cars age, it’s only natural that their paint fades. Sometimes, people buy old cars that weren’t exactly taken care of properly. This action leaves their aesthetics largely unappealing, which is unacceptable for the avid automotive enthusiast. In these cases, you’ll definitely want a new paint coat or panel repairs for a full restoration job. If you’re looking for auto services in Paranaque that deal with car painting and other body panel repairs, Speedy618 Cars is your go-to garage. They are one of the premium southern Manila car businesses that provide showroom finishes to any car that enters their shop. 

Whether you bring an old school ride or a brand new vehicle into Speedy618 Cars’ garage, they’ll definitely be able to help you out. Frequently, people get into mishaps while driving or find that their car’s paint receives scuffs due to the nature of Manila’s roads. It’s never nice to see auto paint in bad condition, which is why you’ll want to make sure the coat always looks nice and fresh. After years of driving, it’s common to invest in a new paint job because of the harsh nature of the Philippines’ climate. 

If you need auto services in Paranaque that restore paint to its prime condition, look no further than with Speedy618 Cars. You won’t be disappointed with the top-tier equipment and the skills to dish out a mean coat of paint and excellent bodywork repairs. Find their garage at 222 Dona Soledad Extension, Barangay Don Bosco, Paranaque. Give them a visit to learn more about what other services they can offer you. 

EuroTech Car Window Tint via HPM Auto Solutions

Safety and privacy are the main reasons why people opt to tint their car windows. In some areas of Metro Manila, cars are often the targets of criminals. It isn’t a good experience to lose valuables, and this is why it’s never a bad idea to get the right tint products. Even if you don’t like dark windows, EuroTech window films have excellent heat dissipation qualities, making your car stay cool with any shade of tint. It might cost a bit more, but it sure is worth it when you feel like you aren’t baking in the hot Manila sun. 

You’ll find EuroTech car window tints at HPM Auto Solutions. We’ve covered this shop in a previous article, but they are also available in Paranaque as part of the southern Manila car businesses. These tint products come in various shades, ready to protect your car from roving eyes and theft. The best part is that they have all the suitable facilities to fit the film sheets to your vehicle’s windows perfectly. One thing is for sure; these are much better than the stock tint products that come with a brand new ride from the dealership. Despite not being cheap, they are quality and last very long. 

If you’re in the market for EuroTech car window tint products, visit HPM Auto Solutions in Paranaque today. They have a complete set of tints that include V-KOOL and other great products other than their EuroTech tints. You’ll find their garage at Unit C, Oasis Bldg. Jackie Lou Ville Ave. Corner President’s Ave. Paranaque City. 

Buffle Blues Car Accessories

Southern Manila car businesses include more than just services. While you have the usual detailing garages and repair shops, there are also other players in the industry. One thing that Filipino auto enthusiasts love to do is to kit out their cars with accessories. This process allows them to stand out and add a unique taste to their vehicles. Accessory shops like Buffle Blues Car Accessories in Las Pinas are worth visiting, thanks to their great products. Whether you’re in the market for a new aesthetic appeal or functional items, they have just what you need. 

Many people love upgrading their car’s looks because of the personalization aspect of the whole process. Suppose you grew up playing video games where you could customize how your car looked. Nowadays, you’ll definitely want to drive your car around with pride, knowing that you’ve invested a lot of money into buying it. Upgrades are always a welcome addition, especially knowing that they are functional and add a new degree of operation to your car. If you’re in the market for quality products and upgrades, visit Buffle Blues Car Accessories in Las Pinas. 

You’ll enjoy kitting out your car with Buffle Blues Car Accessories. As one of the premium southern Manila car businesses, you can’t go wrong with their product lists. They have accessories for most common cars and more. You’ll find them at 2104 URCI Town Homes, Pamplona 3, Las Pinas. Trust us when we say that you won’t be disappointed with their choice of accessories. 


Whether you’re looking for aesthetic upgrades or other services, southern Manila car businesses have your back. Keep their addresses in your address book for future reference, and you’ll be set. Paranaque and Las Pinas both have their gems; it’s now up to you to visit them. 


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