Smart Valentine’s Date Ideas to Try this 2020


Does Valentine’s this year feel too much of a déjà vu of last year’s? Actually, let’s backtrack even further: has Valentine’s been any different in the last 5, 10 years? Flowers, chocolates, and cards — they’ve been the usual suspects since the dawn of time. How do you come up with new and smart ideas to keep things fresh — and dare we say it, interesting?

In this blog we’ll show you different date ideas you can try out for Valentine’s Day and give you some tips on how to make your plans go off without a hitch!

1. For the Ma-effort: Breakfast Date

valentine's breakfast with partner loved one date lunch dinner smart ideas

Making an effort for someone is a great way to show that you appreciate them! While going on a lunch or dinner date is cute, waking up early and preparing breakfast for your partner takes things up a notch. People skip breakfast quite often, so it’s already more interesting than having the usual lunch or dinner out. 

If you’re not a good cook yourself (I’m not!), then there are several restos in Manila that have an extensive breakfast menu. To name a few, there’s Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, Wildflour, and of course, the ever-so-lovable Pancake House. 

2. For the Budget-Minded: Museums

affordable valentine's date plans for the budget sensitive natonal museum manila ermita philippines
Natonal Museum of Natural History © Rappler

Looking for a good date spot that doesn’t burn your wallet? Then a visit to the National Museum is your best choice! The National Museum Complex in Manila houses the National Museums of Fine Art, Anthropology, Natural History, and the National Planetarium. They’re all close by, so you won’t need to worry about transpo at all.

Why is this our pick for the budget-minded? That’s because admission is free! Spending some quality time with your special someone and learning more about the Philippines at the same time? Sulit!

3. For the Old-Fashioned: Intramuros

bring your date to intramuros and its cafes like la cathedral cafe or barbara's cafe valentine's
Manila Cahedral in Intramuros © Rappler

While Intramuros is already famed for its architecture and roads, recent developments in the area have made it more appealing. Some of the spots that have recently gotten our attention is the La Cathedral Cafe and Barbara’s Cafe.

The aptly named La Cathedral Cafe is located just behind the Manila Cathedral, so you can stay and sip some coffee while taking in the view of the majestic structure. Barbara’s Cafe is equally noteworthy, as they hold cultural shows (live performers!), and provide decent food, service, and ambiance.

4. For the Hip: Boutique Cinemas

valentine's cinema 76 smart valentine's date 2020 cinematheque centre manila san juan ermita
Cinema ’76 © The Guidon

Boutique cinemas are so interesting that they really deserve a spot here, especially if both of you are old souls! If you aren’t aware yet, the likes Cinema ‘76 and Cinematheque Centre Manila cater to moviegoers who have a taste for indie and classic films.

Cinema ‘76 in San Juan is well-known for showing great Filipino indie and masterpiece films. On the other hand, Cinematheque Centre Manila in Malate premieres classic foreign films ranging from Woody Allen to Robert Zemeckis. Give them a visit if you’re looking for an entertaining night!

5. For the Romantics: Roofdeck Bars

roofdeck bar balcony dates drink out valentine's partner

While bars are a great way to end the night, nothing gets people talking more intimately than lounging in a roofdeck bar. Roofdeck bars not only provide the comforts any ordinary bar would, but they also lend more ambiance to your late-night talks.

Our recommendation: pick a spot that’s not too chilly but isn’t too warm either. This will depend on the weather too, so always keep an eye on weather reports before your date! Check out the best rooftop bars in Manila here.

So we’ve mentioned all the cool ideas you can try out for your Valentine’s date. How do you then make it so that whatever your plan is, things can go smoothly? For that burning question, we only have one thing to recommend: Driver on Demand.

valentine's date partner driver on demand personal driver chauffeur for hire

Now we genuinely believe that hiring a driver for your Valentine’s plans is essential for more reasons than one. Having a driver with you means you can go anywhere you want to, whenever you need to. You have complete control of your time, and scheduling becomes less of a problem.

So when that next date comes along, ask yourself. Do I really wanna drive through all that Valentine’s traffic, or would I rather spend more quality time with my partner? That’s on you, dear reader! 😉

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