5 Auto Shops to Visit to Make Your Car Stand Out


As a car owner, it’s essential that you maintain your vehicle in excellent condition. You should know the essential things that you regularly need to do to ensure that your car is in tip-top shape. While many owners are happy with just keeping their vehicles running smoothly, there are some drivers out there that want something more. They want to make their car turn heads when driving around the city. As such, we compiled auto shops in Marikina and Quezon City that are guaranteed to make your car stand out.  

TunersGarage Auto Services

Specializes in: Overall Car Services

Location: E. Manalo Street, Marikina City

Contact number: 09179999529

One car shop that you can visit to make your car stand out is TunersGarage Auto Services. Established by a car enthusiast, this auto shop in Marikina ensures that it provides top to bottom car services that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

The shop is the perfect place to visit if you want to make your vehicle look new again. TunersGarage offers top-notch car wash and detailing works for your car. Its team diligently cleans your vehicle until it’s shiny and spotless. It also offers paint and restoration services to remove any blemishes or signs of rust and corrosion. 

Aside from cleaning and restoration projects, TunersGarage can also do basic car servicing should you need them in a pinch. So, whether you need to give your vehicle a good wash, repaint it, or repair its busted components, TunersGarage has got you covered.

Spick-&-Span Carwash, Painting, Auto Detailing and Cafe

Spick-&-Span Carwash, Painting, Auto Detailing and Cafe, an auto shop in Marikina that can make your car stand out

Specializes in: Paint and Restoration

Location: 33 Lilac St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

Contact number: 09178247264

Another auto shop in Marikina that you can visit for car wash, detailing, and restoration services is Spick-&-Span Carwash, Painting, Auto Detailing and Cafe. With four years under its belt, Spick & Span has become one of the go-to shops for car makeovers. And for good reason.

The shop’s projects aren’t just simple interior and exterior detailing of dirty and dusty cars. Spick & Span actually restores vehicles that look like they’re beyond repair. Vehicles that have been flooded, neglected, and abandoned are made to work and look brand new again. There’s also an anti-bacterial cleaning service available to eliminate bacteria, molds, and odors to ensure that everything looks and smells fresh too.

So, if you’re looking for an auto shop to restore an old beat-up car to its former glory, Spick & Span is your best bet.

Street Tech Car Accessories

Street Tech Car Accessories installation of headlights

Specializes in: Retail Car Accessory Installation

Location: 35 K Banawe Street, Brgy Lourdes, Quezon City

Contact number: 09178982071

One of the many ways to make your car stand out is installing accessories and upgrades. And if there’s any place you’d want to go to find affordable car parts and accessories, it’s in Banawe, Quezon City.

However, with the number of car accessory shops in Banawe, you might find yourself stuck on where to go. Luckily, we found a retailer in the area that has been providing excellent service to vehicle owners for more than a decade.

Operating for over 16 years in Banawe, Street Tech Car Accessories offers wholesale and retail car accessories for various makes and models. Their extensive catalog includes useful car upgrades like mudguards, rain visors, and alarms, as well as replacement parts like car headlights, radiators, and coil springs. These OEM vehicle parts and accessories are sold for low prices that you will rarely find in other casas. They can also be readily installed in the shop by Street Tech’s reliable mechanics.

Iker’s Car Parts

Installation of Toyota parts in Iker's Car Parts, a car shop in Banawe that can make your car stand out

Specializes in: Headlights and Accessories

Location: 218 Banawe Street, Quezon City

Contact number: 09210933103

For car owners looking for a car accessory retailer in Banawe that sells both genuine and aftermarket Toyota parts and accessories, Iker’s Car Parts is the store to visit. With six years under its belt, the shop has proven to satisfy customers with excellent installation services for its products.

Want to upgrade the headlight of your Toyota Vios? No problem. Iker’s can install powerful LED headlights to your car. Looking to give your Hilux a facelift? Easy. The shop has OEM matte black and chrome grilles to make your pickup truck stand out on the road. Your Fortuner needs basic car servicing? No worries. Iker’s can change your engine oil and filters.

While the shop specializes in Toyota car parts and accessories, it also carries genuine car parts for other makes and models. This has also helped Iker’s cater to more vehicle owners. With its success, Iker’s is looking to expand by opening a new outlet soon.

The Ultimate Body Kits and Car Accessories

Specializes in: Body Kits, Parts, and Accessories

Location: 191 Banawe St,  Quezon City

Contact number: 09228465333

The Ultimate Body Kits and Car Accessories is another car accessory shop in Banawe you should visit. Operating for over ten years, this shop lives up to its name, giving you the ultimate body kits and accessories to up your car’s aesthetic game.

Whether you want to install front, side, and rear skirts or you want to mount front and rear underruns, Ultimate has many high-quality OEM and aftermarket items that you can choose from. Besides selling and installing car parts, Ultimate also specializes in car seat covers that protect your vehicle’s original upholstery from wear and tear and add a stylish look to your car’s interior.

Ultimate is guaranteed to cover everything you might want to make your car stand out. The shop can provide you with simple upgrades such as installing backing sensors, code alarms, and high-tone horns. It can also give your vehicle a facelift by mounting grilles and bushwhackers. But if you’d like to go as far as swapping the full chassis of your car out for something new, Ultimate can still do it for you. Just ask the shop about its services, and you’d be surprised at what it can offer.

More Auto Shops at beepbeep.ph

While the car shops we listed above are guaranteed to satisfy your needs, we know there are certainly more out there that are also worthy of your time. If you’re living outside or far from Marikina or Quezon City, it’s best to look for car shops that are within your city.

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