Routine Car Maintenance That Prevents Major Repair Costs


Keeping up with your car maintenance can be a bother when you try to fit it in your busy life. We know the struggle of scheduling it every time, because you most likely have to set aside a day or two for it. Because of this, getting that car check-up seem like something you can delay without much consequence.

Does this really not ripple? To be frank, OF COURSE IT DOES. Routine car maintenance keeps your vehicle running smoothly and safely. It works to keep major repairs at bay and curbs major repair costs. Use this list to know what tasks should be done to keep your car in top-running condition.


dashboard warnings
  • Check Engine Light – This warning appears when your car’s electronic control system has run into a problem. And when it does, don’t panic and get the car checked as soon as you can. If it’s flashing, get to a garage right away so a mechanic can run diagnostic tests to determine the cause.
  • Tire Pressure Light – This monitoring system will alert you when the air pressure in a tire drops at a certain point. If the light comes on, check the pressure of your tires immediately and inflate them to proper levels. 
  • Headlights and Taillights – Make sure that your light works. Check for blown fuses or replace the lights if they are busted. Remember, driving with one or no headlight makes you prone to accidents.

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Battery Check
  • Oil and Coolant Levels – Get under the hood and inspect these when the engine is cool at least one a month to avoid engine problems. Always top off the level especially before making a long trip.
  • Air Filter – Help ensure the life of your engine by making sure your air filter is flowing properly. This also improves your fuel efficiency and decreases emissions.
  • Oil and Filter – The motor oil serves a lot of functions. From lubricating moving parts to preventing engine corrosion. This is why it’s important to have it changed regularly. Check your vehicle owner’s manual and consult with a professional for what is appropriate for your car. 
  • Battery and Cables – Double check that these have tight connections. There should also be no leaking fluid or corrosion.
  • Belts and Hoses – All the belts in the engine compartment shouldn’t look cracked or frayed. Hoses shouldn’t leak or have cracks.
  • Brakes – Check all elements of the brake system including the brake fluid, linings, rotors, and pads.
  • Vehicle Wax – Keep both the paint in good shape and reduce the chance of rust by waxing your car. It forms a protective seal, minimizing damage and extending your paint’s life.
  • Wipers – Replace wiper blades that aren’t functioning well. Always be prepared for sudden downpour and don’t let reduced visibility be an issue.

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Wheel Alignment
  • Ignition System – Have your spark plugs, plug wires, and coils check. Rough running or difficulty in starting can be a sign that they’re starting to falter.
  • Transmission Fluid – Check the levels regularly and add more when needed for a smooth transport of the engine’s power to the wheels.
  • Front and Rear Differential – Lubrication is a must for differentials, because these components split the torque from the engine and send power to the tires to propel the car.
  • Battery Check – Your car won’t run or even start without a good battery. When it becomes 3 years old, test it regularly and replace if necessary.
  • Tires – Check adequate tread depth and change your tires as needed.

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This checklist contains the key tasks you need to do. Put a little extra effort here and there and your car will surely thank you. Aside from that, you also get to save money, headaches, and heartaches.

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