4 Reliable Car Shops in Rizal You Should Know


It goes without saying that part of being a car owner is knowing a reliable car shop that will cater to your needs. Whether it’s giving your car a good wash, installing an accessory, or replacing its components, a good auto shop can give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is well-taken care of. As such,  you should know a handful of auto shops that provide quality services.

If you live in Rizal or near Antipolo or Cainta, this list is for you. We’ve gathered four reliable car shops in Rizal that offer services that will address all your needs from car wash and detailing to style upgrades and parts replacement to emergency battery deliveries and installation.

Jar Car Wash Center

Jar Car Wash Center, an auto shop in Antipolo, Rizal

Specializes in: Car Wash and Detailing

Location: M.L. Quezon Street, Antipolo City

Contact Number: 0927574538

As a car owner, vehicle maintenance is always your priority. Apart from keeping internal components running smoothly, you certainly want to give your car proper washing regularly. After all, who wants to drive a dirty car and consequently look like a sloppy and irresponsible vehicle owner in the city?

Aside from washing your car, you’re also supposed to clean its interior regularly. Doing this will keep your car seats, floor mats, and vinyl surfaces in good condition for a long time. However,  you might not have the time to give your ride a full car wash or vacuum its interior. Luckily, many car wash shops like Jar Car Wash Center have been established to address this problem.

Offering affordable car cleaning and professional detailing services, Jar Car Wash Center promises that it will make your car shiny and spotless. Its services include car wash, engine wash, hand wax, buff wax, glass detailing, and exterior and interior detailing to ensure that your car is clean inside and out. Aside from these, it also offers interior sanitizing services to eliminate bacteria in your car’s cabin. 

With four years under its belt, Jar Car Wash Center is confident about its services. It aims to serve more car owners in the future. The car wash near Robinsons Antipolo is looking to expand and open another outlet soon—proof that they’re doing something right.

Power Tracks Auto Supply and Accessories

A modified pickup truck

Specializes in: Car Accessory Installation

Location: Ortigas Avenue Extension, Brookside, Cainta, Rizal (beside Bridgestone)

Contact Number: 09150420252

Since Power Tracks Auto Supply started in 2019, it has been one of the go-to places for pickup truck accessories in Rizal. It’s actually an authorized dealer of various car parts manufacturers, including TopUp Philippines, which offers high-quality truck bed covers. The shop also stocks and installs other vehicle components that can add a rugged aesthetic to your vehicle and improve its performance. Additionally, Power Tracks doesn’t only cater to pickup trucks. It also carries premium car parts for sedans, MPVs, and SUVs.

If you’re curious if Power Tracks Auto Supply is the real deal, just check its Facebook account. You’ll instantly see its team’s pride in successful installation projects for various car accessories such as SUV rain visors, bike roof racks, rail guards, crossbars, garnish covers, hood scoops, and grilles.

It’s also easy to notice that Power Tracks has many satisfied customers and sukis who receive special discounts for returning to the shop. And if there’s any sign of a car shop offering excellent car accessory installations, it’s satisfied customers returning for more.

Bespoke Automotive

An SUV being fixed

Specializes in: Car Accessories

Location: 245 Sumulong Highway, Brgy. Mambugan, Lower Antipolo

Contact Number: 09054694282

Another shop that specializes in car accessories and installation is Bespoke Automotive. Operating for over 30 years, this auto shop in Lower Antipolo knows more than enough to satisfy your car needs. 

Itching to install useful gadgets to your ride? No worries. Bespoke carries and installs dash cams, audio systems, alarm systems, and other electronic components. Looking for replacement parts and 4×4 accessories? Easy-peasy. Bespoke stocks various car products, including air filters, radiators,  floor mats, tow hitches, and headlights that they can easily install for you.

Aside from being a top-notch car accessories retailer, Bespoke is also a repair shop. It provides periodic maintenance services, engine overhauling, collision repair, and transmission repair. In addition, it offers auto detailing and painting services if you’d like to make your car look good as new. 

So, if you’re a car owner who’s looking for a car shop in Lower Antipolo that can expertly install car accessories and take care of your car’s overall performance, Bespoke Automotive is worth your time.

sjayrrhene trading battery replacement motolite antipolo mambugan

Sjayrrhene Battery Trading

Specializes in: Motolite Delivery/Installation

Location:  86 Sitio Kamias-3 , Sumulong Highway, Mambugan, Antipolo CIty

Contact Number: 09363373646

We’ve already covered auto shops in Rizal that offer car wash services, install premium car parts and accessories, and provide repairs and detailing services. But another important type of auto shop that you shouldn’t forget but most probably do is a battery delivery service. 

Imagine being ready to go out and drive your car, only to discover that your battery’s dead. Worse, imagine having your battery die in a place where a repair shop is nowhere to be found. Should you face a similar type of emergency in Antipolo, call Sjayrrhene Battery Trading. Their motorcycle delivery boys will bring and install the right car battery ASAP. 

While it primarily sells and delivers Motolite batteries, Sjayrrhene also carries Yokohama batteries. The shop accepts online banking and digital payments, which comes in handy if you don’t have cash with you. Additionally, its battery deliveries are free of charge. So, if you live in Antipolo or you plan to drive there, jot down Sjayrrhene’s contact number just in case. 

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Of course, there are many more auto shops in Antipolo and Cainta that you can visit. These are just some of the ones that we can vouch for in terms of their service. If you want to find more car shops in Rizal, visit beepbeep.ph and browse our extensive directory of over 14,000 auto shops ready to cater to your needs.


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