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The heart of almost anything mechanical is in Quezon City. The great north is where many seek fantastic car accessory shops and other automotive-related services. Any enthusiast you ask will likely point you in the direction of Banawe for affordable and excellent shops and service centers. It’s been around for many years, and Quezon City car shops are equally renowned for their great work ethic. Many family businesses have come up and gone in this hectic city, but this is all part of why we love it so much. Here are three fantastic Quezon City auto shops that’ll help you spice up your ride:

Simply Modi

Car accessory shops are a very in-demand part of the auto industry. People are always looking for ways to spice up their rides in the sea of the base model and daily driver vehicles. Quezon City car shops are always purveyors of curiously excellent products, and Simply Modi is one of them. With fantastic options for standard road cars and other variants, you’ll never be at a loss for choices. Whether you need a new tail light aesthetic, better foglamps, or a more pronounced grille, they have it for you! As the shop name suggests, Simply Modi provides you with the simplest and most potent modifications you can add to your car. 

However, you might be wondering if they serve other products asides from the typical aesthetic add-ons. The answer is: yes! In fact, they have tons of functional products, such as turbo timers for modern turbocharged vehicles and backup cameras for a safer drive. The Metro is filled with problems that can cause problematic damages or issues to any driver. Fortunately, car accessory shops like Simply Modi are here to help administer remedies. Their healthy selection of parts and components can fit Toyotas, Hondas, and many other brands and makes. 

Simply Modi is in the mechanical heart of Metro Manila called Banawe in Quezon City. You’ll come across their wide range of products and components driving along the renowned road. Their address is 712 B, C Banawe Street, 1114 Quezon City. You won’t regret your visit, especially if you own a Toyota or Honda car. For further information and help, you can give them a call at +63 917 116 3592. 

Genki Car Spa

Pampering your ride is more than just buying accessories and “pimping” it out with the best components. No matter what you have on your car, a dirty paint job or a stinky interior is very unsettling for anyone to see. More so if you’re trying to impress a date or someone important to your career. Before you get caught with a dirty car, you might want to take a trip down to Genki Car Spa for a deep clean. As one of the Quezon City auto shops that host an extensive menu of services, you’ll definitely find something worth your money. If you’ve put your car’s cleanliness off for so long, it’s about high time for you to restore the shine in the paint job. 

Your car deserves only the best when it comes to auto detailing services, and not all garages offer packages like Genki Car Spa does. There are many reasons why they chose to widen their range of services, and one is because they want to make sure they cover all bases. Caring for a smaller car isn’t the same as the demands a larger SUV has. Similarly, an off-road vehicle requires a more intensive clean than a sedan that drives in the city. 

If you want to take a trip down to Genki Car Spa, they have ten car service bays to detail any vehicle that rolls into their garage. You will definitely have a slot to fill when you visit them. However, you might want to check it out for yourself and give them a call beforehand. Find Genki Car Spa at 79 Nicanor Roxas St., Santo Domingo, Quezon City. Additionally, you can get more information from their number at +63 927 434 7691. 

CBV Auto Centro

Quezon City auto shops are plentiful. The market is brimming with garages that do all sorts of mechanical work, which is by no means a bad thing. It all depends on where you want to take your money, as you have the ultimate choice with your car. While most shops efficiently do many non-emergency PMS jobs, sometimes you’ll want something more than the basics. If a shop can do more than the bare minimum of servicing, this is an indicator of a great and successful business. CBV Auto Centro is a prime example of a Quezon City car shop that does the Petrol Gods’ work. 

If you seek PMS services, tire maintenance, underchassis repairs, or other standard garage practices, CBV Auto Centro is a must-visit. They can even do the more arduous overhaul jobs that can take a bit more time to do. However, they will assure you quality in anything they do and won’t take on any job that looks beyond their reach. Additionally, they also carry plenty of parts and accessories that they can hook onto your car at a moment’s notice. Whether you need a dashcam, backup camera, car alarm, or a GPS tracker, they have it all for you. 

You’ll find the all-around garage at 90 Anonas St., East Kamias, 1102 Quezon City. It’s very accessible as it’s near the main road, which is impossible to miss. Northerners love their services and quality assurance, and we’re sure anyone new will love them, too. Contact them at +63 28 928 6541 for appointments or information on operating hours. 


Quezon City is the mechanical heart for any auto enthusiast. Whether you need auto detailing services, PMS jobs, or car accessories, there’s always a shop open for you! In fact, all these shops are signed into beepbeep.ph’s FastLane Privilege Membership Card. So if you’re a holder of the FastLane Card, brace yourself for great discounts and rewards as part and parcel of our partnerships!


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