How to Prepare for Summer with Ceramic Tint Solutions


Our country’s weather is usually accompanied by heat and humidity for months on end. Don’t subject yourself and your car to the scorching sun and invest in ceramic tint solutions. Learn the ins and outs with this article, plus special tie-ins with the FastLane membership.

Why Ceramic Tint Solutions?

Ceramic tint solutions are the modern era choice of most car owners, as the outdoor temperatures do not dictate the comfort of the interior. Ceramic tint in Manila is one of the best investments you can ever make because of how hot our days get, not to mention the harsh rays beaming down on your car. Imagine that? Having no tint can really be uncomfortable.

Now, Where Do You Get Ceramic Tint in Manila?

Ceramic tints are no longer a rare product only available from specific garages. In fact, if you have a FastLane membership, you can get your car’s ceramic tint in Manila at better rates. Here’s a list of beepbeep.ph partner shops that offer product and installation services for FastLane membership holders:

HPM Tint & Auto Solutions

This Quezon City tint shop is one of the higher-end ones, having air-conditioned rooms that protect the tinting process. This advantage ensures not only your comfort but also the quality of installations. 

Eurotech Car Window Tint

If you’re from the south, Eurotech Car Window Tint in Bacoor is a shop that does quality installations of various ceramic tint solutions. They’re experienced in the art of window films, guaranteeing cooler drives. 

The Tint Laboratory PH

The Tint Laboratory PH works on various cars. In fact, supercar and hypercar owners go to them to their tinting job done. After all, investing in good tint from the get-go is one way to drive with more confidence. 

Automedics PH

If you’re looking to get ceramic tint in Manila for your cars, Automedics PH in Quezon City is a great business to support. They carry quality ceramic solutions. 

Supreme Auto Lounge

Chill out while you get your tint job done in this shop located at Marikina. It’s a garage that’s ready to serve you with auto detailing after getting your window films fitted out. 

Details and Decals MNL

If you’re looking for a garage that does quality exterior detailing and fit-outs, Details and Decals MNL is the way to go! Visit them for their ceramic tint solutions and for a whole new driving experience today.

Badtz Car Parts & Accessories

Badtz Car Parts & Accessories sells more than just car parts, they also fit out ceramic tint in Manila. You definitely won’t go wrong with their solutions for the scorching heat. 

Key Takeaways

No need to endure heat and humidity! Replace your old window films with a ceramic tint with the help of the partner garages of beepbeep.ph. Visit them with your FastLane card for a more bearable summer experience. Get your very own card today from our Shopee and Lazada storefronts to drive coolly and confidently!


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