Perks of Owning a Suzuki Jimny this 2020

Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Jimny 2020 via Suzuki

The Suzuki Jimny caught the fancy of car enthusiasts in the Philippines that reservations came in hordes before its release and with this, we came up with 5 reasons why the fourth generation Jimny keeps on getting massive interest from transportation aficionados. (See also: 6 Important Procedures Every Car Owner Should Do)

Suzuki Jimny 2020 via Suzuki

Impressive on Paved Roads and Rugged Terrains

The Suzuki Jimny sports a 1.5L engine, which is enough for smooth city driving. Meanwhile, its short wheelbase translates to comfortable travels despite heavy steering, and its stability control keeps the vehicle steady when making a turn or overtaking.

While it is reliable on built highways, the Jimny shines best during off-road escapades. It’s more dependable in maneuvering over and around obstacles as compared to its bulkier counterparts. This Suzuki vehicle also has higher ground clearance, making it easier to hurdle over obstacles and scale steep climbs without denting its bumpers.

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Suzuki Jimny 2020 via Suzuki

Durable Exterior

The latest Jimny takes design inspirations from its previous editions. However, its box-like frame deviates from the third generation’s curved structure, and its round headlamps add to the edgier look. These lamps come with washers to keep the path ahead amply illuminated even when driving on muddy fields.

More than just a sleek finish, the body design also absorbs force during collisions. The bonnet and the surrounding parts also reduce impact and injuries if ever the vehicle bumps into an individual. On the other hand, the Suzuki Jimny’s ladder frame helps it conquer punishing off-road terrain. Finally, the drip rail on its roof channels rainwater away from seeping into the car.

Suzuki Jimny 2020 via Suzuki

Jimny’s Stylish and Functional Interior

Suzuki Jimny’s front seats provide better shock absorption, and the shoulder area is flat to make it easier for the driver to move and steer through uneven terrain.

Storage space for small items won’t be a problem thanks to its floor console tray and center console for automatic transmission variants. If you need to store heavy loads, folding the back seats provide a massive area that can hold up to 400 liters of items.

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Jimny’s Aircraft-Like Details

Aside from the elegant meter cluster, the Suzuki Jimny has a multi-function touchscreen that serves as its entertainment and navigation system. It also allows audio playing through Bluetooth and USB or listen to AM or FM radio stations.

The nine-inch screen also becomes an aid during off-road driving courtesy of its altimeter that determines the vehicle’s altitude and its clinometer to reveal the Jimny’s elevation based on a right-angled triangle. This SUV also has a built-in barometer to measure air pressure and compass to ensure proper direction.

Automatic or Manual

The Jimny comes in both transmissions, allowing you to choose based on your driving needs. The manual transmission comes in five gear speeds while the automatic variant has four. Both options help maintain the vehicle’s fuel efficiency of eight to ten kilometers per liter on light traffic.

Its adaptability to various driving conditions and its price range makes it a suitable option for those who are searching for a more affordable alternative. But don’t let the amount fool you with its capabilities on paved roads and uneven grounds. Instead, it’s a worthy investment that can handle the challenges of daily driving.

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