I get to hear and see a trail of questions with regard to the price of Mitsubishi Pajero cars despite their “ancient” character. Well, there are just a bunch of factors that contribute to the rationale. Let me begin.

parejo classic


Gear-headed people do not call them “old,” because such a term is misplaced for us, Pajero owners. We call them “classic.” We call them as such not to conceal the fact that they have been cars for ages, but because they are definitive and first-rate. We don’t look at them like bits of worn-out wheels; we look at them with respect and reverence like precious antiques. I mean, who spends a lesser dime for a historical piece? I bet none, unless a man is left with the only option of not purchasing one.

pajero the legendary macho


Well, it varies taste per taste– individual differences on preferences, I must say, but no matter how others despise the body of a Pajero for being boxy and edgy, the same body they dislike is the same body that will save a life. Ask me how.

While we all dream of a smooth sail on the road, accidents happen. One cannot conclude that they are safe drivers, and so that is enough. No! Vigilance at a hundred-percent rate is just a dream so elusive.

Say yes we agree (on being safe drivers), but there are always inevitable incidents that may transpire along the way. It might not be you, but it might be one of those in front, behind, or beside you. For so many times, Pajero has proven its body to be a “legendary macho” of the road, be it an all-terrain, or on off-road grounds. Bump one and you’ll see what the main score here is.

pajero the pride is the price


Who does want to settle for less? None. Another donating factor to the cost of a Pajero is the pride (in a positive manner). It has been known as “A Wealthy Man’s SUV.” History has it, and that social tag stays even up until this brand-new era. Do not drag me down and wrong, and kindly not skip reading between the lines. It is implied, okay? Pajero is still a status symbol, probably because of the price it holds and the pride it radiates. Breaking down the cost to a lot of contributing factors would let one understand why it is so. By then, you’ll begin realizing that its price is commensurable to the pride it hands.

pajero it remains gold


So precious, isn’t it? Imagine why people still see them gliding mighty and strong– that clears up the cloud. If Pajero is not the car that has survived in decades, then there is no reason for non-enthusiasts to call it “old.” Now I hope you are earning the point. If not for its durability and versatility, by this time, not even one of us will still see Gen 1, 2, & 3s, among others, flock the track. Had Pajero cars been so weak and weary, they would have long been “extinct,” but that was just an “if.” Luckily, many still get hold of them. The price might be some sort of a gold, but the quality a Pajero carries with it just qualifies why. Remember, great golds are costly, but they keep their refined gold standards under their nature.

pajero is a pajero


The summary? “Pajero is Pajero,” and that responds to the interrogative title of this fresh ink, “PAJERO: WHY THE PRICE?”

Turn the table 360 degrees, but it is what it is– “ONCE A PAJERO, ALWAYS A PAJERO.”

Pajero PH - Vision Mission

by Marc Jeryl Botio- Governor/ Owner of Pajero Alliance Philippines

Officers: Eunico Estandarte- Vice-Gov., Edward Estandarte- Secretary, John Joseph Latonio- Auditor, Edward Mendoza- Sergeant 

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/372482757280860


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