Our Guide to Buying New Cars in 2022


It’s a new year and we can’t wait to see the awesome cars of class 2022! If you’re planning to buy a new car, here’s a handy guide for you and why the FastLane membership is the perfect complement for every car owner:

What You Should Do When Shopping for New Cars in 2022

Check out buyer guides and consult with your peers. However, nothing beats going out and seeing the unit for yourself. It’s even much better if you can take it out on a road test to see if the ride suits you and your needs. Time will pass and you’ll definitely want something comfortable and has all the right features. Experiencing the ride for yourself truly is the best way to find your match.

So You’ve Bought a New Car, Now What?

So you’ve found the right car for you, congratulations! But don’t let the excitement distract you from the right preparations. For seamless driving experiences, become a FastLane member today! This membership is your buddy. It comes with free, one-time towing assistance, concierge services, and exclusive discounts and deals. These services will not only help you, but also prolong the life of your car with the help of our growing network of trusted partner shops and garages.

The FastLane Membership is What You Need for Your New Car in 2022

From auto detailing to getting car accessories, enjoy discounts when you avail these at our partner shops and garages. Save money and get only the best services with the FastLane membership. And over the years, your ride will thank you for the expert repairs and servicing you got with the help of beepbeep.ph.

Buying a New Car in 2022: Key Takeaways

Ensure you’re prepared for the coming months by researching and trying out your options. Remember that it’s best to see the car in person and have a test drive. Additionally, invest in a FastLane membership when you get your car for added confidence and peace of mind. Get the privilege card at our Shopee and Lazada storefronts today!


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