Three Notable Car Shops in Marikina to Soup Up Your Ride


Hailing from the great north, Marikina is a place that has many businesses that are growing and thriving. In fact, car shops in Marikina are becoming increasingly in demand because of the services and parts they offer. They can also be much cheaper to buy, which is a win-win for everyone. If you’re in the market for great car services and parts in the area, here’s three businesses in the auto industry of Marikina:

Downshift Supply

It’s no doubt that Filipinos love their rides. Whether it’s their weekend car, project vehicle, or daily driver, investing in making it run better is key. There are tons of performance parts and other surplus items on the market that are cheaper which can make any owner happy. If you’re looking for components that will make your weekend ride faster and services to install these parts, visit Downshift Supply. This Marikina auto parts store is one of the best in the business for performance upgrades. Their components list definitely won’t disappoint.

Car shops in Marikina like Downshift Supply are one of the greater ones out there because of their parts catalog. They have everything from clutch components to tuner-ready ECUs. Everything that will make your car faster and more responsive is readily available from their storefront. Additionally, if you find that you’re too far away from Marikina to make the trip, you can give them a call or a Facebook message. The team at Downshift Supply will happily assist and even give you the option to Lalamove or Grab Express your items. If you’re from the southern regions of the Philippines, they’ll easily arrange LBC Shipping for you to receive your items safely. Isn’t that neat?

You’ll find Downshift Supply at 70 General Ordonez Ave., Concepcion Dos, Marikina 1807. They have a healthy selection of performance-grade parts for your car, along with installation services if you need them. Take a trip to their store today to upgrade your vehicle with only the best components. 

Auto Refined Garage & Detailing Services

Drivers often love having the option of a high-end detailing and repairs garage in their phonebooks for when their cars get dirty. It’s essential that repair jobs are done with care and skill. You might also want auto detailing services afterward for a cleaner ride. If you’re looking for Marikina auto detailing services and other repair jobs, visiting Auto Refined Garage & Detailing Services is one of the best places to go. They’re no longer a small-scale garage, as they have all the expensive and necessary equipment to do more intense repairs and detailing. 

The best part about Auto Refined Garage & Detailing is that they offer a whole list of services to their clients. Whether you need suspension repairs, engine overhauls, or even PMS jobs, this is one of the best car shops in Marikina to visit. Additionally, you won’t have to carry large wads of cash to pay for your repairs, as they accept most major credit cards, and even GCash! The full list of services is more than enough for what you’ll need, and any car that rolls into their garage will be given special treatment. With a full list of equipment to care for clients’ needs, Auto Refined Garage & Detailing Services never disappoints. 

If you’re in the Marikina area, you’ll want to visit this garage at 101 Mayor Gil Fernando Ave, 1800. There is always going to be something you’ll need from them, whether it’s more pressing mechanical repairs or simple auto detailing services. The team is always ready to assist you, so shoot them a message on their Facebook page for more information. 

Ronar Car Wash & Car Paint

Modern car businesses are evolving. They are no longer boring shops where you wait hours upon hours for your repairs or washes to finish. In fact, many shops are offering so many new concepts for the modern “automotive garage.” One of these garages that are changing the scene of the auto industry is Ronar Car Wash & Car Paint. Not only do you get the best of Marikina auto detailing services for your car, but you also have access to the “Man Cave.” If that doesn’t sound like a blast while you have your car cleaned, we don’t know what does!

Ronar Car Wash & Car Paint has tons to do while waiting for your car!

Billiards, cars, detailing, beer, snacks, and what the Filipinos call the “tambayan” are all found in Ronar Car Wash & Car Paint. The boys at the shop definitely know how to have a good time, and while you wait for your car’s turn to be cleaned, you can have a few billiard games with your friends. It can get quite boring waiting for your turn at your favorite car shops in Marikina, but not anymore with this new auto detailing business. The whole concept is fun and safe, but be sure not to drink too much beer and drive responsibly! 

Car shops in Marikina are becoming increasingly innovative as time progresses. The owners are looking for better ways to serve their clients, which is great to see. If you want to have a look for yourself, Ronar Car Wash & Car Paint can be found at #51 Tanguile St. Barangay Fortune, Marikina City. It’s beside La Colina Church if you need a landmark to find this great business. 

Key Takeaways

The Marikina auto industry is constantly improving. It’s fun to see all the innovative ways these business owners try to keep their garages afloat. Find more products and services for your car through our beepbeep.ph FastLane membership card, which can score fantastic discounts and assist you in finding the right shops for you. 


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