Fantastic Freon: 2 Great Car Aircon Servicing and Repairs Shops


Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s about time to get your aircon unit checked. Car aircon servicing and repairs remain essential due to the blistering hot summers of Manila. It may not make sense to bring an older model vehicle to the dealership for regular maintenance services due to the prices. However, if you’re wondering where to get car aircon repairs in NCR, there are tons of shops available to serve you. Car aircon cleaning services are also a requirement regularly, so here are two garages that do the job extraordinarily well:

Cabalu Car Aircon Motorshop

Rizal is almost a haven for small car servicing garages. Whether you need car aircon servicing and repairs, or other mechanical fixes, you’ll definitely find something. The local scene of cars is booming in Antipolo especially, as many auto enthusiasts hail from the area. Combine affordable services with the love and passion for cars, and you have a match made in heaven. Having car aircon cleaning services done will be vital in the coming months, as the heat is already starting to take effect. Now, you’ll want to visit Cabalu Car Aircon Motorshop in Antipolo, Rizal, for your aircon needs.

Cabalu Car Aircon Motorshop has all you need for car aircon servicing and repairs. From parts to services, they can restore your oven interior to a winter wonderland in no time. Their services are affordable, and they can offer you top-tier car aircon cleaning instantly. Cabalu’s shop can definitely restore most aircon units to working condition, so be sure to check them out. Additionally, if your aircon is starting to smell funky, it’s likely time for car aircon cleaning services to ensure you don’t breathe in nasty particles. 

If you’re looking for places to get aircon repairs in NCR, this north-eastern shop is your best bet. Antipolo residents will enjoy the accessibility of this shop. You can find their great storefront at 226 Hon. B. Soliven Avenue, Antipolo, Rizal. It may be a far stretch from Metro Manila, but it’s good to be aware of all the best shops. You can also ring their landline at +63 2 545 6020 to ensure that your journey isn’t a waste. 

Jay-Air Auto & Aircon Services

The north is where you’ll discover tons of car shops ready to serve you. While you have the famous Banawe, you also have other garages branching out in the immediate vicinity. If you’re looking for a great shop that offers car aircon parts and repairs in Quezon City, Jay-Air Auto & Aircon Services is here to serve. With summer already here, it’s about time to get car aircon cleaning done to ensure you feel cold inside your vehicle. Whether you need a diagnosis, a freon top-up, or a new compressor, Jay-Air can help with these and more. 

Jay-Air Auto & Aircon Services sells various components for aircon units and offers top-notch cleaning and repairs. If your car is a few years old and you no longer bring it to the casa for PMS services, Jay-Air’s aircon jobs are much more affordable. You’ll definitely enjoy colder air thanks to a fantastic freon top-up and a more pleasant-smelling cabin. Since Filipinos love cars with a good aircon unit, it only makes sense to maintain them well. Besides, battling the Philippine roads in a vehicle without aircon is quite dangerous because of the extreme heat. 

If you want to find Jay-Air Auto & Aircon Services, head to Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. Their address is Lot 2, Block 2 Congressional Avenue, 1106 Quezon City. They open at 8 in the morning and close at 5 in the afternoon, so plan your visits accordingly. You may also call them at +63 998 596 4277 for more information on their complete list of services. 

Invest In Professional Services

If you’re dealing with pressing car aircon issues, it doesn’t make sense to tackle them on your own without expertise. Bringing them to a car aircon servicing and repairs shop is the quickest way to solve your problems without endangering yourself. Work with these professional shops to ensure you can solve your car aircon woes. 


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