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NCR is known as the central hub of the Philippines. Almost everything leads up to NCR, whether it’s trade or roads. In fact, Kilometer Zero is in Luneta, acting as the heart of the Republic of the Philippines. All car brands and similar dealers go through Manila, and you’ll find tons of shops in the surrounding cities. It’s safe to say that NCR car accessory shops are the backbone of the auto industry of the Philippines. There’s a saying that all roads lead to Rome, and Rome in our situation is the city of Metro Manila. It acts as the mecca for cars and anything automotive-related. 

If you’re looking for where to buy auto accessories in Manila, you’ll never be lacking shops to visit. NCR auto accessory dealers carry a wide range of products and can be the savior of anyone’s day. We have various garages and stores all over, and the mechanical heart of Banawe is in this fantastic city. Despite all the traffic and harsh conditions, here are complete auto accessory dealers in the city to make things more manageable:

Gracerick Enterprise

Makati is a city with all sorts of twists and turns. In one area, you have the central business district that is jam-packed with activity, and you also have the smaller locations of the city. Not everything is glorious and shiny, but you likely do not want to see extremely clean garages. The more activity you see a shop undergo, they probably have better services altogether. Makati car accessory shops are plenty, especially if you chance upon Evangelista Street. There are tons of car shops and tune-up garages, and one garage that stands out is that of Gracerick Enterprise.

Gracerick Enterprise takes pride in offering various accessories for people’s cars. Whether you’re looking for interior products or aesthetic accessories, you’ll find it all at Gracerick’s garage. People enjoy their facelift grills with fantastic LED lighting for a safer night drive, as they give a new aesthetic to a stock car. Outdoor enthusiasts similarly love to kit out their pickup trucks with protective layers and other powerful-looking items. Knowing how unforgiving Philippine conditions are, it’s natural that vehicle owners will want to maximize their purchases of functional accessories. 

If you’re trying to find one of the top Makati car accessory shops, visit Gracerick Enterprise and see their parts selection for yourself. Visiting Evangelista Street is somewhat like being a kid at a candy store for car enthusiasts. With tons of budget garages and fantastic components for your cars, you’ve got all that you need. Gracerick Enterprise is located at 1729 Evangelista St. Bangkal, 1233 Makati. Give them a call at +632 8 845 0447 or shoot them a message on their Facebook page. 

Sean’s Auto Parts & Accessories

NCR car accessory shops are plenty, which is great for residents of Metro Manila. However, the people from other regions of the Philippines need products from complete auto accessory dealers as well. In fact, nothing speaks “2021” more than the trade and shipping industry, as this is a dominant field nowadays. All Filipinos around the country seek the best components for their vehicles. Their cars fuel their passions, and that’s a constant. Not everyone is from the NCR, but they’ll be pleased to know where to buy auto accessories in Manila. Better yet, shops like Sean’s Auto Parts & Accessories ship nationwide for most components. 

Whether you want to spruce up the looks of your stock car or find replacement accessories, look no further than with this auto shop. They have done deliveries to many cities and areas around the Philippines. All you need to do is ask if they have something available and do the usual e-commerce steps to receive your order. The past six years of serving the industry by being more than just one of the NCR car accessory shops puts them at an advantage. Sean’s Auto Parts & Accessories has evolved to serve various customers and drivers all over with top-quality accessories. 

Sean’s Auto Parts & Accessories is in Marikina City, which is quite close to the mechanical heart of Metro Manila. They ship instantly within Metro Manila via local couriers if you want to receive your items immediately. Otherwise, you can visit them at Lot 7a, Blk 8 Soliven St. Greenheights Subdivision Phase 2, Brgy Concepcion, 1807 Marikina. You may also call them at +63 916 372 4780 to learn more about their range of products. 

Basty Car Accessories

Let’s face it; not everyone enjoys the stock look of their daily drivers. Not only that, but Filipino car enthusiasts love to modify their cars with fantastic external accessories. The industry of consumer-grade vehicles in the metro is healthy, and there will always be people who want to break from traditional norms. NCR car accessory shops like Basty Car Accessories carry tons of aesthetic upgrade parts. Whether it’s to modify lighting, get a great Need For Speed-esque underglow, or change overall looks, they have it all. 

They usually specialize in offering the typical external mods like body kit trims, but they also do custom honeycomb grills for any daily driver. Their market caters to those who love the car culture of Japan, or what enthusiasts call “JDM.” The JDM mindset in Japan is all about crafting sleepers and even modifying daily drivers to be sport-like. If this aesthetic appeals to you, you’ll definitely enjoy the services and products Basty Car Accessories offers. This shop is one of the local NCR car accessory shops that will put a smile on your face when you drive your vehicle home. Head turners are possible even with cars meant for the general public, and Basty Car Accessories does this very well and with affordable rates. 

Basty Car Accessories does meet-ups and home servicing of cars that would like a facelift or new look. Their shop is located along Barilles St. in Navotas, but they usually work on vehicles all over the metro. Contact their Facebook page or call them at +63 998 428 2873 for more information on what they can do for you. 

Navitopia Makati

Navigation is crucial in Metro Manila and the NCR region. The multiple cities and extreme traffic conditions make driving a challenge. This reason is why many people rely on navigation systems like their car GPS or apps like Waze to get around. Knowing that any mistakes while driving can be costly and problematic, it is crucial to know where you’re going at all times. Confusion is the enemy while driving, and not being familiar with roads is where people slip up and make mistakes. In these cases, you’ll want a navigation system for your car. Makati car accessory shops like Navitopia Makati can be lifesavers for those looking for navigation solutions. 

If you have an outdated car, it’s probably high time to get an Android-ready head unit. Not only do these computers show you where to go, but they also act as screens for backup cameras. Navitopia Makati can easily convert your old radio unit to an excellent touchscreen model with all the bells and whistles. Any car will benefit from driving hands-free, and it does add to safety while operating your vehicle. Not seeing where you have to go is a risk when driving in tight spots and unknown areas. If you want a fantastic navigation system in your car that uses the Android OS, you’ll get one you need from this shop. 

As one of the Makati car accessory shops that dominate when it comes to head units, you’ll be in good hands with them. You can find Navitopia Makati at 80 Senator Gil Puyat Ave. Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City. You can also call and text them at +63 927 309 6114 or +63 917 871 7824 for more information. 


Car accessories are a vital part of surviving Metro Manila’s conditions. Whether it’s bearing the torrential rains and extreme heat or focusing on the road while driving, these are bare necessities. Find these NCR car accessory shops for a whole new view of Manila’s roads. 


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