Marikina Car Shops That Will Change the Way You Drive


Driving a car means knowing the responsibilities that come with it. Your vehicle is often going to be subject to wear and tear, as well as the usual exposure to dirt and grime. This reason is why the north has many businesses dedicated to the automotive experience. Marikina car shops are strong contenders in the industry, with two of these great garages offering auto detailing and PMS servicing. Here’s more about Autodoc Maintenance Services and The Tint Laboratory East: Supreme Auto Lounge:

Autodoc Maintenance Services

Wear and tear is a usual suspect when it comes to owning any car. Some cars even experience faster deterioration than others. However, this doesn’t mean you should lose hope. With all the available Marikina car shops, you’ll never have to suffer from untimely damages to auto parts. Visiting a PMS garage in Marikina like Autodoc Maintenance Services will ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. As time goes by, it’s vital to invest in PMS services as part and parcel of your routine inspections. You’ll definitely thank yourself when you know your ride is reliable and won’t break down on you at the worst times. 

Autodoc Maintenance Services offers affordable options when it comes to PMS services. This PMS garage in Marikina is a lifesaver when it comes to budget servicing and maintenance. Since automotive tune-ups can often be expensive depending on where you go, Autodoc Maintenance Services is a breath of fresh air. They use only the best and authentic products, and they do fantastic work ensuring that preventive maintenance is performed. They typically work on jobs like changing oil, engine troubleshooting, electrical diagnostics, and more. If you’re looking for a garage that can do your periodic maintenance requirements, this business has it all. 

So what’s keeping you waiting? The doc is in the office and ready to deal with your car’s problems! With their affordable rates and a fantastic range of care products, you’re in good hands with Autodoc Maintenance Services. Visit them at 73 Marymount Street, Marikina City, for excellent PMS services, among many others. 

The Tint Laboratory East: Supreme Auto Lounge

The roads around Manila are often congested, leaving tons of dirt and grime all over your car. As you drive around, your vehicle accumulates particles in the harder-to-reach areas, as well as on its exterior. These may not do much damage in small amounts, but once they thicken over time, you may experience deterioration of paint and even rust on metal components. In these cases, you’ll want to visit a business that does auto detailing in Marikina, such as The Tint Laboratory East: Supreme Auto Lounge. This garage is one of the affordable Marikina car shops and does fantastic work to restore your vehicle’s shine. 

Supreme Auto Lounge has fantastic facilities and equipment to detail both the interior and exterior of any car. They even offer services like ceramic coating and nano-ceramic tinting for a more comfortable driving experience. These products are unique and will definitely surprise you, especially knowing how harsh the Philippines’ climate is towards vehicles. Additionally, if you just want a car wash, they can do just that to ensure that your car’s paint job receives the care it deserves. As an all-around garage for auto detailing in Marikina, they’ll always put in exemplary work to ensure you are satisfied with your investment. 

If you want a mirror-esque body shine for your car, it’s probably time to visit The Tint Laboratory East: Supreme Auto Lab for a complete set of detailing services. Whether you need window tints or ceramic coating, and other wax jobs, this garage has your back. Visit them at #6 Sanchez St. Brgy. Fortune, Marikina City. 

R2serve Trading – Battery Services

Batteries are crucial components of any car that often go unnoticed. They keep their charge significantly long, especially the trustworthy brands like Motolite, and can be forgotten quite quickly. Driving every day is a breeze, up until your car battery dies and you have no way to get home. Fortunately for residents of Metro Manila, car battery delivery exists and can save your life in an instant. If you’re in a sticky situation like this, make sure you give R2serve Trading – Battery Services a call or visit.

R2serve Trading - Battery Services

R2serve Trading – Battery Services carries a wide range of Motolite batteries that can fit most standard models of cars and their makes. They also come with the standard Motolite warranty, which is great to have in case your purchase was a dud. You’ll always thank yourself if you have the number of a Motolite seller, as these are the tried-and-tested products of Filipino drivers. If your car won’t start and you’re stranded somewhere in the Metro, R2serve Trading is the angel that will save you. Not only do they have a whole stock of batteries, but they also offer free delivery and installation by their qualified riders. While it is free, don’t forget to tip your rider a bit for doing a great job of saving your dead car!

R2serve Trading - Battery Services - 2

If you’re ever in a tight spot with your car’s battery, call R2serve Trading’s Globe number at 0977-600-6416 or their Smart number at 0949-675-6588. These two numbers are going to save you one day, and anyone who owns a car knows the struggle of having a dead unit. Additionally, they also accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards for those who don’t carry large amounts of cash with them at all times.


Drive your car confidently and with ease knowing that you have access to these two Marikina car shops. Whether you need an aesthetic boost or a mechanical tune-up, you’ll be in good hands with these two passionate businesses. Don’t hesitate to visit them and contact them today for affordable services that are of excellent quality.


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