Life on the FastLane: Your Premium Car Services Discount Card


There’s an old saying that reads, “living life on the fast lane.” This statement has a different definition to many of us, whether you’re old or young. Older individuals might see it differently, as they are at a point where life should be slowing down. Younger people might live life in the fast lane because the work environment is so competitive. Sometimes, slowing down is what we need to do, especially when it comes time to drive a vehicle. There’s a lot more you can take in and see while you move at your own pace, and it’s even better when you have a safety net like a car services discount card. 

The beauty of cars is that you can get plenty of life lessons from driving or seeing someone drive. Many of us grew up seeing our parents take us around and even troubleshoot automotive issues alone. However, this no longer has to be the case in 2021 and onwards. New era car owners have access to so many more services, with businesses ramping up their presence in the industry. Whether you’re stuck somewhere and need mechanical repairs or want something new for your car, an automotive perks card like the FastLane card can assist you. Partnering with over 60 shops and garages, beepbeep.ph continues to expedite the future of owning a car. Here are more details on the ever-growing set of benefits and inclusions of the FastLane Card:

The Glorious FastLane Car Services Discount Card

Membership cards have been around for decades. Many people know them to get better deals or even track their purchases to get freebies and discounts. Not many people are aware that there are cards for almost any application, including the car industry. While other companies offer automotive assistance, these memberships can often be expensive and with limits. Now, you have the FastLane card, which offers perks and even acts as a car services discount card for partnered garages and stores. 

FastLane by beepbeep.ph

The FastLane membership is the first automotive perks card to offer members various discounts and even roadside assistance. It makes for an all-around deal that can give you multiple benefits. This assistance is crucial to newer car owners that don’t know much about the inner workings of their vehicles yet run into issues on the road. The card allows you to have access to over 60 shops, all of which offer various services around Metro Manila and other areas.

The beepbeep.ph Philosophy Behind the FastLane Card

The Filipino person has always been known to work hard and spend their money where it matters to them. Additionally, it’s common knowledge that the average Filipino car owner loves what they drive. This reason is why you see even base model cars with lots of modifications. Filipino automotive culture entails lots of care and plenty of investments into the cars and motorcycles we drive. With all the expenses into making sure our vehicles look great, beepbeep.ph has gone to great lengths to offer affordable and accessible automotive services

No matter where a person comes from, no one can say no to great deals when it really matters. Just like a shopper would love a rewards card, a car owner would love an automotive perks card to help them when they need it the most. Since the industry is one of the more expensive ones, it pays to save every centavo possible. Whether it’s maintenance, discounts on parts, or auto detailing services, your FastLane card has the power. Savings on these otherwise expensive procedures can be a big help on a rainy day, which is crucial for many car owners. 

The FastLane Card Introductory Rates and More

FastLane Introductory Price

Imagine getting the list of benefits above for a price that costs a few meals out. Isn’t that amazing? If we haven’t already piqued your interest, the PHP 999 introductory price lasts a year of endless benefits, with more on the table. First off, you get a one-time free towing for up to 15 kilometers. That’s about the distance of a good stretch of the Southern Luzon Expressway, which can save you on a bad day. Additionally, you get a free cup of coffee from Tim Horton’s with a PHP 200 gift certificate so you can park, sip, and enjoy your beautiful ride. The FastLane card also offers PHP 500 off on LTO assistance, which is crucial knowing how much time it takes to fix your vehicle’s registration. 

Furthermore, to celebrate your great deal, beepbeep.ph offers PHP 140 worth of a free car wash from partnered establishments. The detailing garages that link up with beepbeep.ph are all quality, as these businesses deal with supercars and various vehicles. This way, you know your car is in good hands. Finally, you have infinite use of the discount rates of up to 20% off on partnered shops, so your savings will be growing despite your needs. 

FastLane Features

So Now, Where Do You Get the beepbeep.ph FastLane Card?

You’ve read this far, so now you’re probably wondering where on earth you can score this fantastic deal. Thanks to the advent of technology, the automotive perks card is available on Shopee and Lazada. It will ship right to your door and comes in the form of a physical card with some paperwork. Now, all you have to do is keep it in your wallet and present it to any beepbeep.ph’s partnered establishments. If you get into roadside issues, call their hotline, and they’ll be ready and able to assist you, provided that you’re in the area of operations. Worry not if it does not cover your area because beepbeep.ph is continually expanding into the Philippines’ various reaches. 

FastLane Card available on Lazada and Shopee

So what are you waiting for, kapatid? Grab your FastLane membership today for endless benefits from your car services discount card!


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