High Voltage: JRYG Autoparts and Battery Supply in Metro Manila


In the Philippines, we are starting to see a surge in electric vehicle owners and operators. Battery-powered transportation is the future, but even gasoline and diesel engines need batteries to run. In fact, one of the worst situations any driver can experience is to have a dead battery or fried wiring. With the future looking fully electric, knowing your local battery supply in Metro Manila will be crucial to daily driving. For now, you’ll want to have JRYG Autoparts in your phonebook for car battery delivery. 

Car battery delivery in Metro Manila is always going to be an operational and essential industry. If someone needs a new battery, you know they’re going to call a delivery service to start their car again. It’s vital that drivers only purchase the best auto batteries to ensure that they last. JRYG Autoparts strongly believes in providing quality batteries to the public.

A Story of Humble Beginnings Turned Into a Key Auto Industry Player

JRYG Autoparts started a few years back as a small business to make a living. It’s a first-generation family-owned company that came into the scene with the already prominent competition. Tons of other garages and shops do the same, but what makes JRYG’s store unique is its growing range of services. You might expect a battery supply in Metro Manila to just deal and equip batteries, but JRYG has since expanded its services and products list. Not only is their catalog ever-growing, but they also have plans for new storefronts in the works. 

Comparing them to the behemoths with multiple decades of experience, they are doing well for a small, family-run business. In their first generation of operation, their accomplishments range from providing the typical car essentials to complete electrical works. They are a strong competitor in the supposed oversaturated auto industry with their affordable prices and top-notch services. In terms of the necessary items, car owners can never have enough stores in the market to help them out. 

Three Years of Being a Top-Tier Battery Supply in Metro Manila

It takes unique criteria to be a top-tier auto component and battery supply in Metro Manila. Not only does JRYG Autoparts sell the typical motor oils, tires, and batteries, but they also offer essential services as well. You can charge batteries in their shop, get a dead car jumpstarted in an instant, and even get free delivery for some purchased products. However, what sets them apart from most other auto battery supply companies is their range of electrical components. 

Not only does JRYG Autoparts carry the usual Motolite products, but they also have batteries that fit industrial requirements. They even have solar batteries available for those who wish to hook their home up to a solar array. Furthermore, they support smaller vehicles like golf carts and larger modern e-jeepneys with their various products. Their products remain well-priced and are readily available for customers to hook up their cars with a new set of cells. Any product you buy from JRYG Autoparts will be quality, and they have this assurance with their ever-expanding empire. 

Wholesale Distribution of Motolite Batteries

Business owners with company cars requiring a set of Motolite batteries will benefit from JRYG Autoparts’ wholesale distribution system. With reduced rates on mass purchases of these products, you’ll have a working group of cars and trucks in no time. After all, Motolite batteries are the best ones for the climate conditions of the Philippines. Their rigorous testing allows the cells to last longer and survive the extreme heat we experience in Manila and other provinces. 

Not only do they offer this to fleets that may require mass purchasing of batteries, but also to the private sector. Many of Manila’s residents own more than one car, with some larger families owning up to five or more. Additionally, auto enthusiasts may also be collectors of some brands and even older model cars. The best part about JRYG Autoparts is that they have a full-scale selection of Motolite batteries that fit a wide range of models and makes. If you’re an owner of a large selection of cars, you’ll benefit from JRYG’s wholesale distribution system. 

An Ever-Expanding Set of Auto Services

More than just being your typical battery supply in Metro Manila, they also do many other electrical works. In fact, they have recently expanded into auto electrical services such as alternator repairs and wiring jobs. These are not easy to conduct and require the skills and expertise of a trained worker. They never grew stagnant even after success, and they continue to innovate and work harder to provide people the best in the industry. JRYG Autoparts has been a top-performer in the field and is always ready to bring their A-Game out. 

With new shops coming up in the future, they’re surely slugging it out with the pandemic to ensure they can keep providing the best. They’re ready to spring to action for those who need free car battery delivery in Metro Manila yet open up their shop for various maintenance duties. Visit them at 52 Almeda St. San Roque, Pateros, for their Manila branch. All your battery, maintenance fluid, and other component woes will be solved by a quick trip to JRYG Autoparts’ storefront. You can give them a call at +63 927 541 4301 to get a quick quote and they’ll be able to serve you in the areas of Taguig and Makati. As the premium battery supply in Metro Manila, you will indeed find something that fits your needs!


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