Indulge in These Two Quezon City Car Audio and Mechanical Repair Garages


There are many gems in Quezon City in the auto industry. People love to find ways to upgrade their cars or get them running smoothly. Those in the market for Quezon City car audio shops or upgrades will enjoy this writeup. Today’s article is a feature of two fantastic shops that will boost your car’s appeal. If you like good audio or need mechanics in the area, here are shops that will definitely tickle your fancy:

Candyshop Car Audio

When we were children, the “candy shop” was a term introduced to us and was a place that had everything sweet. Nowadays, as adults who own sweet rides, the stores we go to for upgrade parts and components are just full of incredible finds. If you’re looking for orgasmic sounds, your car can start packing the heat with Candyshop Car Audio. Driving a nice car isn’t all about the external appeal, but it’s also how well you can play your favorite songs as you roll up to meets and gatherings. Quezon City car audio shops like Candyshop Car Audio do quality upgrades, which will definitely make you enjoy your vehicle more. 

People love music, as it is part of what makes life exciting. The best times to listen to music are during long drives, gatherings, or silent moments during the day. What’s better is if your car can be the loudspeaker to boost the liveliness of daily occurrences. Don’t skip out on audio performance, as Quezon City car audio shops like Candyshop Car Audio can show you a whole new world. Once you taste great bass and better sound quality, you will probably never go back to stock audio options. 

If you’re ready to take yourself to the candy shop, we assure you that they won’t disappoint. They have served countless clients and created some of the most excellent sounding cars on the scene. Visit them at 23 San Antonio St. San Francisco Del Monte in Quezon City for a new sound system. Find out more through their Facebook page and give them a call to relive your Need for Speed Underground dreams!

JLA Marinero Car Repair Shop

Car audio will not be possible without a working vehicle. Many upgrades require mechanical advice and things like proper electrical engineering to work. If you’re looking for mechanics in Quezon City that can help prep your car for any future travels or upgrades, JLA Marinero Car Repair Shop is your best bet. Whether you need your car stripped down and worked on from the ground up or just essential PMS services, this garage has it all. Automotive repairs can be arduous, but their experienced mechanics are always strong contenders in the game. 

It’s never always easy owning a car, and as your car ages, it will require the assistance of automotive businesses. Mechanics in Quezon City can help you maintain your vehicle and keep it running for the years to come. After all, a well-oiled car is crucial to a safe and hassle-free drive. It is always recommended that you take your vehicle for regular maintenance and repairs if anything breaks due to wear and tear. Long-time owners will tell you that owning a car is not always a walk in the park. This reason is why you’ll want the assistance of mechanics in Quezon City from JLA Marinero Car Repair Shop. 

If you’re in a bit of a tough spot with your car, you’ll want to take it to trusted mechanics in Quezon City for assistance. JLA Marinero Car Repair Shop can do many challenging repairs and even quick PMS jobs for a smoother ride. Take care of your car by visiting their shop along Susano Road, Novaliches in Quezon City.

Indulge in Quezon City Car Audio and Mechanical Repairs

Cars are our pride and joy. They symbolize the Filipino’s hard work and taste, so investing in services like car audio upgrades or mechanical repairs is crucial. If you’re ready to improve the way you drive, visit these two Quezon City garages today!


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