4 Ways Driving Affects Your Health — And How to Deal With It


Driving is one of the most convenient travel options in the Metro. People use cars because they’re easily available whenever they need them. 

It’s not a secret however that driving also has its fair share of negatives. We shrug them off, but driving every time can actually  pose risks to our health as well. Exactly how can driving affect your health? Read through our list below:

1. Driving in traffic will tire you out

If you’re running meetings or errands in various places in the city, you’re likely to end the day exhausted; leading the way for more serious ailments to come in.

man tired inside a car stressed out exhausted and has lots of things on his mind

2. Stress-driving can affect your mental health

With all the things happening on the road, everyone’s bound to find something that will stress them out. It’s important to make sure that this stays in the car, and not into other aspects of our lives.

woman working on her laptop the whole day and having bad posture

3. You become sedentary the whole day

While convenient, driving also adds to our sedentary lifestyle. Imagine all the calories that won’t be burned until your next workout. They’re there to stay while you drive, work, or sleep.

4. Your posture takes a turn

With little to no room for stretching, several parts of the body are at risk of numbness or pain. Allow poor posture to persist and a plethora of other health problems such as obesity come into the picture

How to Solve These Problems

Now that you’re aware of the problems that may arise from driving, let’s come up with ways to make driving more fun and worry-free. 

man sleeping or napping for a while before he goes on to his next task for the day

First, if you find yourself easily getting tired long drives, it may be a good idea to get quality rest before you hit the road. It doesn’t have to be a long nap—simply closing your eyes for a few minutes can go a long way.

Our next advice is on stress. One easy tip is to just mind your own driving and not other drivers’ around you. Be defensive when you drive, and you’ll find that there’s less to be stressed about.

Now there’s not much you can really do inside a car to curb a sluggish day. What you can do though is work on easing to an active lifestyle by doing some leisurely exercises like jogging or going to the gym.

man working in the office with good posture / sitting uptight

With regard to posture, you can start by fixing it with your dining or office chair. Finding the perfect position in your driver’s seat should now be easier since you’ve fixed your posture in seats you more frequently sit on.

Is there an all-in-one solution for all these?

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driver on demand driving customer client

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