Car Recall for Nissan and Honda: Is Your Car Affected?


Nissan and Honda have reaffirmed their commitment to safety in car service in a statement that they made separately some time ago.

In the same statement, both parties stated that they would be conducting a car recall or “preventive service campaign” for vehicles that are suspected to be affected by potentially defective airbags.

The car giants promised that they would assess as well as perform any necessary preventive measures at no additional cost to the vehicle’s owner.

What this means is that Nissan and Honda are offering a recall for vehicles that are affected.

If your model is affected by the car recall, it is prudent to have your vehicle repaired and checked.

Here is a checklist of the car models affected by the recall.

Models Affected by the Car Recall

Nissan and Honda Car Recall

Defective Airbags Suck

Everyone knows the ancient injunction that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, right?

Well, that’s the same with cars and with anything, really. The thing about accidents is that no want wants them to happen and no one ever intends for them to happen – and yet they do.

The airbag was invented for the sole purpose of saving a life and to minimize injuries while inside your vehicle.

If that final failsafe were to malfunction at the most important juncture, then you may end up hurt or worse.

So spend the extra hour or two and go to your nearest Honda or Nissan dealer to have your car checked. See this link: N. Eyal & Co. Vehicle Lab | Diagnostics | ABS | Airbags

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