Great Tires, Smooth Drives with Bridgestone


It’s already common knowledge that our roads are very dangerous, if not deadly.

Last year, over 116,000 road incidents were recorded by the MMDA. In Metro Manila alone, around 50 people get injured from road accidents every day— and some suffer even worse. 

If there’s a better time to promote road safety, it has to be now. As all change however, it has to start somewhere, with someone. 

We’ve already made strides with our Roadside Assistance service, which provides immediate help to drivers facing vehicular problems on the road. But as the old saying goes, it takes two to tango. With a new initiative with Bridgestone Philippines, Japan’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer, we hope to take things one step further! 

Through this new partnership, beepbeep.ph mechanics will be trained by Bridgestone professionals about tire basics, tire familiarity, and useful car maintenance tips and tricks. Mechanics who pass the course will be certified by Bridgestone, ensuring world-class standards for our tire services. As experts in tire maintenance, our mechanics can now give even better recommendations for car-owners on extending their tires’ lifespan.

For us, this is another big step towards providing foolproof assistance to our customers. In the future, we seek to collaborate closely with partners specializing in towing, battery, and more, to ensure outstanding quality in all categories.

For better journeys with your car, book a casa or talyer now at the beepbeep.ph website, app, or hotline at 8541–9999.


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