Give Your Car Shop a Quick Boost with these 3 Steps


It’s already a universal truth that improving car shop sales is no easy task, especially in times like these. While true, it isn’t to say that it’s impossible; quite the opposite!

For years, beepbeep.ph has aimed to help people as much as it can in the auto industry. First, we started with Search & Canvas, an online registry that helped car owners find a good car shop to service their vehicles. 

This time, in an effort to help those in the car shop biz, we’re introducing our Quick Boost campaign! It’s simple: share your business details with us and you get your car shop’s own webpage. 

What’s the catch? There’s none, but to go with the website, you’ll also get a FREE edit of your cover photo! Learn how you can avail of it below:

How to get Quick Boost for your car shop?

3 steps to give your car shop a quick boost
Click here to start registering!

1. Register. If you don’t have a beepbeep.ph account yet, do that first! It doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes. Once you’re done with that, go to the next step.

register yourself on the beepbeep.ph website

2. Click on the “Submit Establishment” image on the beepbeep.ph website. Once there, fill out the necessary info about your car shop. We’ll need these to create your business’ own webpage. Did we mention that it’s free?

submit your car shop and get a webpage and a cover photo edit

3. After submitting your details, you’re basically set! A beepbeep.ph team member will email you the instructions so that you can avail of the free cover photo edit.

And you’re set!

See, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Now we know, a webpage and a cover photo feature won’t immediately boost your business to huge proportions — but it’s already a big step to getting your services out there. 

For those looking to expand further, more efforts will definitely be needed. Beyond a webpage, paid Facebook Ads or Google Adwords are basically an essential.

While they aren’t free, our Sprint and Boost packages from our Brand Accelerators give you the opportunity to use those advertising tools. They are priced competitively and will help you get more customers. Learn more about our packages HERE!


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