Gift Ideas for Car Owners this Christmas


It’s no mystery that Christmas is a time for family and friends, gift-giving, and celebration. If you’re like us, you may be wondering what to get a loved one especially if they’re a car lover, enthusiast or (quite simply), own a car!

That’s why we compiled a list of car-related products and services you can get for them this Christmas! Read through some of our ideas below:

car coating gift for your loved ones

1. Car Coating

Car coating offers good protection for any car. It shields the vehicle from most scrapes, grime, and other substances. What’s nice is that a majority of car coats don’t affect the original paint, contrary to popular belief.

What you didn’t know: a coated car is even easier to clean than one without any coating. Helpful for when the car needs to get a wash soon!

There are several options of coats to choose from for different types of vehicles! Interested in finding one? Find shops that offer them HERE.

2. HID – Headlights

Headlights, fog lights, tail lights, and the like are necessary for lighting the way at night and in stormy weather, or for staying safely noticeable to other cars on the road.

Upgrading the lights of a car would be a nice gift to a car owner not just for the brighter lights but for their overall safety and visibility. Find all shops that provide better headlights HERE.

tint car for protection and privacy christmas gift

3. Car Tint

The car tint basics differ from one place to another and mostly depend on the climate in your area. However, with the Philippines being a tropical country, it’s really a good idea to keep the sun out and keep a car protected!

Looking to apply a fresh one or replace the old one? Bring your friend to a car tint specialist HERE!

4. Dashcam

A dashcam is the latest in-car tech that’s affordable, easy to install, and essential for driving through the city these days!

There’s a lot of benefits to having one installed, of which accident documentation is the most obvious. With a dashcam, it’s easy to pull out proof for future reference. Find the best offers for them HERE.

comfortable rides every time have seat upholstery improved

5. Leather Seats*

We spend most of our time sitting inside the car, whether it be in traffic or an out of town trip. That’s why it’s worth improving a car’s interior if you want every ride to be comfy! A car’s upholstery can wear out over time especially if the materials are made of fabric.

Our Tip: Upgrade to leather seats so that there’s a cool, premium feel in every trip! Need to find a shop where you can buy someone some nice car seats? Find one HERE!

6. Mags

Car ‘Mags’ are one of the most expensive upgrades you can get for a car as they usually come in sets of 4. Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, a nice kit can fiercely make any car stand out! Find all car shops that offer mags HERE.

chill while in traffic gift an audio system this christmas

7. Audio System

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music, podcasts or even the radio? Car audio systems are essential to keeping a leveled head when you’re stuck in traffic.
Upgrading to a new system can ease someone’s drive and make their trips more enjoyable. This would be a favorite upgrade for any car lover this Christmas! Find all audio shops in Manila HERE.

8. Rain Guard

A rain guard, rain visor, window visor, or window deflector – protects you and the inside of your car, truck or SUV from wet weather, by keeping out rain away from the windows of your vehicle, allowing passengers to keep their windows open even in rainy weather. Definitely something that all car owners need! Find all shops that offer rain guards HERE.

smoother rides and trips this christmas season with rfid autosweep and easy trip in nlex or slex

9. RFID Installation

RFID installation for both NLEX and SLEX are needed for those who travel often on these major arteries.

If your friend or relative frequents these roads or simply enjoys breezing through the payment lanes with cashless and queue-less transactions, you could gift this to them for Christmas! Find how to avail of the installation HERE.

10. Car Mats

Floor mats are a great way to keep a car’s interior clean. They keep dirt, liquids, and other substances from sticking to the carpet – very helpful in avoiding the extra cost of having it cleaned.

Choosing the right material for the carpet is crucial in giving a car a premium feel. Get it right and it’ll surely be appreciated by the person receiving it as gift! Find the perfect one from the many shops that offer them HERE.

Key Takeaways

Remember to watch out for your budget when buying a gift for car lovers as they tend to get expensive the bigger the gift is! Prices vary between different parts and accessories, wheels and mags or paints and wraps!

The most important thing to remember is that the thought you put into getting a gift for someone is what’s most important. Any car lover would appreciate your effort in giving them any of the items on this list!

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