Fully Service Your Car in These Must-Visit Shops Outside Manila!


To fully service your car is, without a doubt, a considerable investment. Having said that, it is equally important that you keep yourself on top of its maintenance and regular check-up schedules. This will ensure that your car is always in decent shape and is always in its peak condition, especially when you need to use your vehicle the most.

However, the question remains: where can you get the best services for your vehicle if you’re not in Metro Manila? Well, let us help you out! Here are 4 of the most reliable car shops outside Manila that you can visit on your next check-up!

akim's car wash cebu lapu lapu logo detailing

Akim’s Car Wash

P. Rodriguez Street, Purok Nangka, Barangay Gun-OB, 6015 Lapu-Lapu City

We try our best to feature shops that might not be in Metro Manila nor Luzon. Thankfully, we were able to find gems like Akim’s Car Wash in Cebu that can fully service your vehicle. We all know that having your car washed is a good practice that every car owner should do regularly. Not only will this make a car look great, but it will also improve its overall condition long-term.

However, if you can’t do it regularly because of a busy schedule or for safety concerns — then, going to a car shop that can do the cleaning and sanitizing job is definitely the best thing that you can do.

camaro detailing stickers car wash fully service

Akim’s Car Wash provides easy car wash experience in Cebu City, making cars squeaky-clean without any fuss. From mud, dirt, to rain stains that are deep on the body of your vehicle — they can remove it easily. No wonder they have been one of the go-to car wash in Lapu-Lapu.

In addition, they are also experts in Bac-To-Zero cleaning. It’s a revolutionary process that eliminates any odors, germs, and bacteria by using a mist that envelops the car’s interior. This goes well on airconditioned spaces like cars, since the mist can circulate easily through the aircon system.

Other services that Akim’s Car Wash offers are as follows:

  • Exterior Detailing
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Car Wash

Want to try their packages? You can check their availability here or contact them directly via mobile at (0928) 148-8831 to book a schedule immediately!

arb machine shop and engine rebuilder overhaul repair laguna

ARB Machine Shop and Engine Rebuilder

Quezon Street, San Antonio, 4023 San Pedro, Laguna

These days, some car owners tend to not give ample care to fully service their vehicles on a regular basis. Whether it be because of your busy work-from-home time or mainly because of the pandemic’s early curfew time, not being able to routinely check the engine, radiator, or alternator may lead to some major damage — which in turn, will result in higher expenses. What’s worse is that this can even lead you to an accident.

Having said this, it is important that our cars be consistently checked and maintained. Just like our body, getting your vehicle regularly checked is a must — all for the sake of staying healthy. This ensures that your car is always in peak condition and is safe for any activity you throw at it.

If you’re experiencing engine problems around Laguna, then there’s ARB Machine Shop and Engine Rebuilder to help.

Known for their expertise in engine reconditioning for more than 21 years now, this car shop will definitely help you to fully service your car’s engine to enhance or bring back its performance and efficiency — extending its lifespan in the long run.

Their other services also includes the following:

  • Machining and Fabrication
  • Engineering Services

What are you waiting for? Let ARB Machine Shop and Engine Rebuilder aid you with your vehicle’s engine issues by checking their store availability here. You can also contact them via phone at (02) 8808-0822 or send them an email at [email protected].

auto fix lane car wash collision repair dents scratches

Auto Fix Lane Car Wash

Tanza-Trece Road, Sanja Mayor, Tanza, Cavite 4108

When your car gets damaged, you’ll want someone to fully service it so that you can get back driving. In addition to that, you also need to consider if the cost of the repair is covered by your insurer. That in mind, looking for a shop that will do the job properly and provide you with fair pricing a tricky decision you must make.

This is where Auto Fix Lane Car Wash comes in handy.

Located in Cavite, they have been specializing in car collisions for 12 years now. They ensure that no matter what the damage is, your car can get restored and maybe look better than before.

broken car restored collision fully service provincial cavite

Moreover, Auto Fix Lane Car Wash is also known for the packages that they offer to their customers — which are:

  • Car Paint
  • Car Wash
  • Detailing
  • Engine Overhauling
  • Underchassis Works
  • Undercoating
  • Collision Repair
  • Hydro Dipping

You don’t have to worry about certain parts being neglected as they have the capacity to fix anything in your vehicle, be it a windshield or bumper. Rest assured that your car is well cared for at Auto Fix Lane Car Wash.

Interested in visiting their shop? Check their store hours here or call them via mobile at (0917) 408-9976 to inquire more about their services.

fully service capote electrical mechanical all around overhaul repair

Capote Auto Technology

Forestal Road, Amakan, Cabantian 8000 Davao City

One of the most obvious facts about vehicles is that they are very high-reliant on electrical systems for them to function properly. For starters, a car’s electrical system always consists of the battery, starter, and alternator. These three parts work simultaneously for your car to work. If one of these don’t work properly, then your car for sure won’t start or run smoothly.

Now, if you are experiencing electrical problems in your car, then you really can’t get much better than Capote Auto Technology fully service it for you.

A well-known machine shop in Davao for 10 years already, Capote Auto Technology specializes in periodic maintenance service and engine works — both major and minor repairs. They ensure that any issues in your vehicle are well-taken care of without hassle before your car leaves their shop.

professional repair and preventive maintenance schedule change oil mechanical body work underchassis aircon tune up

Aside from engine and electrical works, they also offer other services for their customers — which includes the following:

  • Change Oil
  • Under Chassis
  • Body Works
  • Tune Up
  • Aircon Repair
  • Any Major and Minor Car Repairs

Since a lot of their customers are loving their service, they are now planning to retail various auto parts at their shop. In addition to this, they are also planning on adding towing and tire services in their list of packages, in hopes of becoming another one-stop repair shop!

Want to book a schedule with them today? You can check them here to see their physical store’s availability. You can also send them a message or give them a call via mobile at (0929) 663-8308 to inquire more about the services that they offer.

In summary

Giving your car all the work it needs to start running smoothly is a tedious task, but believe us when we say that it’ll only bring you good experiences in the long run. A well-oiled machine will always encounter less problems when you use it a lot, so spending a bit more and investing on your car’s wellness can really go far.

By making sure that you follow the proper measures and taking proper precautions in ensuring your car’s in great shape, you extend the functionality of your vehicle for more than its expected lifespan. 

So take our word for it: make sure that you drop by these car shops and fully service your vehicle the next time you go out!


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