Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques For Motorists


The steady price increase of gas is our reality for many weeks now. It has reached a record high, breaking the bank of motorists. With this trend, all of us are wondering when will the gas prices go down? In the meantime, maximize its usage by following these fuel-efficient driving techniques.

Switch Off Instead of Idling

Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques - Switch Off Instead of Idling

Excess idling burns fuel but gets you nowhere! It’s basically zero miles per gallon. So if you’ll stop for 20 seconds or longer, it’s better to turn off the ignition. You may also opt to put off your car’s aircon to consume less fuel.

Keep A Steady Speed

Keep A Steady Speed

You use more fuel when your speed dips then suddenly bursts. The harder you accelerate, the more fuel is wasted. This might be a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most effective fuel-efficient driving techniques out there.

Let Gravity Do Its Job

Let Gravity Do Its Job

When on the road, be mindful of the uphills and the downhills. Just let gravity do the work when you roll downhill instead of using gas. It’s also perfect to regain momentum as long as the traffic permits. 

Remember To Travel Light

Remember To Travel Light

Driving around with excess weight drags your car and reduces fuel mileage. So if you can, empty out your trunk and leave all unnecessary stuff behind. Your car will definitely thank you for this! 

Observe Regular Car Maintenance

Fuel-Efficient Driving Techniques - Observe Regular Car Maintenance

Make sure you have your car checked for issues like clogged air filters, old spark plugs, etc. Have them fixed ASAP too because these can use up a lot of fuel. Simple maintenance and routine servicing let you save not only on gas but also on bigger damage and bigger future expenses!


These fuel-efficient driving tips may be simple, but they are effective. Drive for maximum efficiency when you have your car serviced by beepbeep.ph. Get a FastLane membership valid for one year and you can avail Autosan services at discounted rates.

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