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Manila is a haven for car businesses and the auto industry. Many Filipinos are auto enthusiasts, and they sure do love their rides more than anything else. However, people get bored of the same old things every day. Additionally, components experience wear and tear, which makes problems surface. In any case of owning a car, accessories and spare parts are a must-have, which is why you’ll want to know where to find car parts in Manila. Here is our guide on three businesses to get auto parts around Manila:

Djaps Auto Supply

Djaps Auto Supply is a savior for many reasons. If you own an older model car or vehicle, you’ll want to keep it well-maintained. However, the issue is that some rides can lose support because of a lack of parts and spare items. At Djaps Auto Supply, they carry a ton of surplus car components that will restore your workhorses to their prime state. Djaps Auto Supply is also an excellent supplier of truck parts, which will help with older model company vehicles that require repairs or maintenance. 

Car parts in Manila can often be expensive, but not when they’re surplus and up for grabs. The entire warehouse of Djaps Auto Supply sports some good finds that will be a gem for all kinds of vehicle owners. If you’re looking for a great place to find auto parts around Manila, Djaps Auto Supply has what you need. Their inexpensive selection of surplus components will leave you speechless, which is why you’ll want to visit them as soon as possible.

This Manila-based garage is easily accessible and has a great collection of various surplus car components. Those in the market for various car parts in Manila should take a trip down to Djaps Auto Supply to shop for the items they need. The folks at Djaps Auto Supply are always ready to lend a hand. This garage is located at 2232 Severino Reyes St. Sta Cruz, Manila, Brgy. 360. If you own a Japanese car that has hard-to-find parts, you might be lucky with this garage and its selection of products. 

GV Auto Parts and Restoration

Driving a car naturally causes wear and tear on various parts. You might not be prepared for when some parts give out, and these often cause many issues. However, you can’t really run your vehicle with broken items for long due to the dangers it poses. You’ll want to go parts shopping to replace these components in these cases. If you’re looking for auto parts, visiting GV Auto Parts and Restoration is one place to go. It’s outside the city but great for those who live in the outskirts of Metro Manila. 

There are many reasons you’ll need to buy parts, and some people buy just to stock up in case of a rainy day. Whatever the reason is, it’s good to have a shop in mind for when you need a pick-me-up. GV Auto Parts and Restoration is a smaller-scale shop with huge ambitions, and this is great to see from any up and coming car business. They have tons of parts available, from rare to common, and more coming in the future. One thing is for sure; the owner isn’t stopping until he provides the best and rarest components for any car. If you can’t find car parts in Manila, it might be time to look towards the south or the north. 

GV Auto Parts and Restoration is accessible through their Facebook page. Contact them for any car item needs, and they’ll try their best to get them to you. Additionally, they work on restoration services and other maintenance works, which will come in handy if you’re from the area. If you want to check out what else they have for you, give them a private message on Facebook for more information. 

Badtz Car Parts & Accessories

People will often tell you that life is too short to drive stock cars. While keeping your ride stock keeps its value up, you might want to rethink this idea if you don’t plan to sell your car anytime soon. Buying car parts in Manila is a great way to have fun and personalize your vehicle to your specifications. After all, owning a vehicle is self-expression. If you enjoy driving, you’ll definitely enjoy modifying and fixing up your car. In these cases, Badtz Car Parts & Accessories will become your go-to garage. Here’s more on what they have to offer for the avid Manila car enthusiast:

Whether you need components for replacing something or accessories to spice up your ride, Badtz Car Parts & Accessories has a great selection. Not only do they have physical items that can change the look and performance of your car, but they also do nano-ceramic tint installation for a more comfortable ride. They have something for almost every car that rolls into their garage, from headlamps to car alarms and other necessary accessories. Everything you might need is part of Badtz Car Parts & Accessories’ collection, and you’ll want to visit this Marikina-based business. 

Find Badtz Car Parts & Accessories at 21, 1800 Flamingo, Marikina City, Metro Manila to take a look at their healthy selection of products. Since 2016, they’ve been serving up some of Manila’s most quality components and car parts. They’re more than it seems, as they are strong contenders in the scene. Be a part of the Badtz family and shop with them today!

Key Takeaways

One way or another, you’ll need to know places to get car parts in Manila. There will always be a time you’ll need to find replacement components or even accessories for upgrades. If you’re wondering where to get auto parts around Manila and beyond, these three businesses are ready to help you find what you need. 


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