FastLane Client Testimonials: Life on the Fast Lane with Gino Quillamor


Having a vehicle is more than just driving it. It comes with the responsibility of maintaining one, which can be a little tedious and of course, expensive. Situations like these call for help in the form of the FastLane Car Services Membership Card. Want to know why? Read on to see one of our FastLane client testimonials! 

One of our members, Gino Quillamor, a top-tier gaming content creator, recently shared on his Facebook post how the FastLane Car Services Membership Card helped him in times of road distress. Let’s hear more about his experiences here:

FastLane Stories: Gino Quillamor’s Love for the Drive

As a car owner, Gino knows the importance of observing regular maintenance which includes, engine work, interior upkeep, and detailing to ensure his ride is of good quality. His membership at FastLane really comes in handy when getting these services. And since sharing is caring, Gino wants to impart the perks of becoming a member to his fellow car lovers.

He enthusiastically shared his experiences, especially the discounts for the repair jobs he got for his ride. Additionally, the convenience the membership offers is incredible too. With accessible roadside assistance services and a responsive concierge on top of everything else, the membership really is a good value for money! 

FastLane Client Testimonials: Why People Are Signing Up

The FastLane Car Services Membership is just too good of an offer to pass on, according to Gino. He highlighted the awesome deals you get when you sign up. Not only do you qualify for a FREE one-time roadside assistance and car wash, but you also get fantastic DISCOUNTS on shops and other FREEBIES. 

Gino also mentioned how our events are always filled with great deals for new and existing members. For example, those who signed up during the Southunite Event got free Turtle Wax products, a free Kitika Telehealth membership worth PHP 959, and a PHP 300 Petron gas voucher. How’s that for a starter?

Enjoy these perks with the card’s introductory price of PHP999! No need to break the bank to get the best auto products and services.

The beepbeep.ph FastLane Philosophy

At beepbeep.ph, we approach everything with a “driver-first” mentality. We understand our role in bridging the gap between the driver and the industry. This is why we work towards giving you what’s best, so we improve on our services by expanding our continuously growing network of partner shops to meet your needs better. 

Discover more about our FastLane services by attending our upcoming events at the Bumper to Bumper Car Show and many others. Stay tuned so you can hear these amazing FastLane client testimonials for yourself! 

Want to grab a FastLane Car Services Membership Card today? Live life on the fast lane when you buy one today at our Shopee and Lazada shops! 


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