3 Fantastic Shops for Automotive Essentials in Rizal That Will Cure Car Woes


Many new car owners forget to think about the extensive nature of owning a vehicle. Buying a car, whether old or new, requires tons of thought and preparation. No matter where you are, the requirements of automotive essentials are similar for all owners. Rizal is a great place for car enthusiasts, and it’s only necessary to have a list of shops on standby if anything goes wrong. Those who require automotive essentials in Rizal will appreciate this article, whether they have tire vulcanizing or car battery needs.

Y&T PIT Battery Trading

Car batteries are vital parts of the modern vehicles we know today. They power the electronics and other crucial aspects like power steering and the likes. For the most part, batteries last a long time and keep your car running like a charm. However, when things go south, and you find yourself stuck with a dead one, you’ll want car battery delivery in Antipolo to save you. In these cases, Y&T PIT Battery Trading is your go-to shop for automotive essentials in Rizal. Y&T carries genuine Motolite batteries that are ready for your car’s wiring woes. 

Their operating hours span 24 hours throughout the seven days of the week. If you find yourself in a tight spot on holidays, there’s nothing to worry about because they operate on those days, too. Nowadays, car battery delivery in Antipolo remains an essential service due to vehicles being used less. If you leave your car without running for a while, you might experience some hiccups when starting it up. In these cases, you might want to take a look at the integrity of your battery’s cells. If the technician says it’s about to go flat, you might want to start calling for a car battery delivery in Antipolo. 

You’ll find this fantastic battery shop along Magsaysay Avenue, Bankers Village, Dela Paz, 1817 Antipolo. Rizal has some gems when it comes to auto shops, but nothing beats an essential service like battery deliveries. If you’re stuck because of dead cells, you’ll need a set that’s new and fresh to bring your car back to life. You can also call them at +63 999 318 6215 for more information on their delivery range and battery types. 

R.A.A.N Trading

Once you sort your battery woes out, there’s another threat that drivers will all face at least once in their lives. The Philippines has tons of roads that are under construction, which hides tons of unpleasant surprises. Some places have long nails hidden, while others have shards of glass around the surfaces. These both pose threats to the integrity of a rubber wheel, and a hole will definitely ruin your day. Rizal is just like any other place in Metro Manila, and you’ll find a garage that will solve your tire issues instantly. R.A.A.N Trading is one place you’ll want to visit if you find yourself needing a vulcanizing shop in Cainta. 

Formerly known as Lucky 5 Stars Supply, R.A.A.N Trading’s rebrand focuses on tire sales and vulcanizing services. If you’re in a tight spot after swapping out your leaking tire, bring it to their garage for a quick fix. They’re specialists in all sorts of tire services, so you’ll have quality repairs in no time. Additionally, those in the market for new mags can get a premium set from their selections, which will have matching tire sizes to go with it. All sorts of cars go into their garage to check their wheels and replace them with new ones. If you’re looking for affordable wheel-related services, R.A.A.N is the premium tire and vulcanizing shop in Cainta. 

If you wish to visit this garage for automotive essentials in Rizal, you’ll find them in Cainta. Their address is 10 Felix Avenue, Santo Domingo, Cainta. They have a one-car bay to serve their customers, but this is quick knowing the nature of tire rubber fixes. You’ll find a healthy stock of tires and mags for a well-oiled car. You can call their landline at +63 2 8570 4113 for more information. 

JKK Auto Parts Zone

Auto shops that tend to do it all are lifesavers in today’s world. People appreciate these garages, whether for PMS services or as a purveyor of excellent car parts and accessories. After all, why go through a ton of shops when you can have one that does it all? If this sounds good to you, you’ll definitely enjoy taking a trip to JKK Auto Parts Zone. Their selection of automotive essentials in Rizal is crucial to daily driving, making them a key player in the area. You’ll want new accessories and parts on your ride as part and parcel of making it truly your own. 

JKK Auto Parts Zone

JKK Auto Parts Zone’s services range from the usual change oil procedures to more particular items like transmission overhauls. Many people will appreciate their newest offering, which is sanitation procedures after repair jobs. Keeping COVID-free is vital nowadays, and JKK Auto Parts Zone is here to disinfect your vehicle from any possible particles. Additionally, they’ll install and equip any accessories you purchase from their store, making them the one-stop-shop in Rizal. 

If you’re looking to pick up some new items or even change your consumables to newer ones, JKK Auto Parts Zone is your best friend. You’ll find the garage at Galaxi Petroleum Gas Station, Brgy. Dela Paz, Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo City. They’re quick to service and are ready to take on various clients and their needs. Additionally, you may call them at +63 28 646 1905 to learn more about what they can offer you. 


Automotive essentials in Rizal are crucial to the daily driveability of cars. Without these businesses, car owners will struggle to get from Point A to Point B. Many people don’t consider the nature of owning a car to go this deep, but preparing for the worst is always the best bet. If you live in Rizal, these shops are crucial for your phonebook for bad days. 


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