Fantastic Batangas Tire Shops and Auto Detailing for Car Addicts


Batangas is a fantastic vacation capital of the Philippines, especially for those in Metro Manila. The city’s fast pace can be bothersome to most, and the south is the most excellent place to go to clear one’s mind. Additionally, Batangas has the best driving routes for the avid car enthusiast, with fantastic roads spanning throughout the area. Many drivers with experience will always say that you need a good set of slicks to safely get through the mountain passes. They’ll also tell you to invest in a deep clean after a strong run. Here are two Batangas tire shops that sell quality products and one auto detailing shop in the area to visit after your trip:

TireOne Motors Corp

Cars rely on grip to run well, and performance largely depends upon the quality of a car’s tires. Batangas tire shops are among the most in-demand stores due to the need for quality rubber to safely drive through various roads. While aero, suspension, and other parts are crucial for performance cars, a good set of tires can do wonders for anyone. If you’re planning to go out for long drives and even hit the gas a bit, you’ll want to visit TireOne Motors Corp. Slipping and sliding can be fun if you know what you’re doing, but the grip is always vital to safety and enjoyability. 

Not only does TireOne Motors Corp sell quality tires, but they also sell mags and offer services related to car wheels. They also offer free delivery of their products for those who live in the Batangas area, so car nuts who work on their own rides can save a bit of time. Even if you have no plans to drive your car at the performance level, you’ll look good when you show up to meets. Adding a new set of wheels makes improvements to stock cars possible, making Batangas tire shops helpful to any new driver. 

If you’re in the market for a new set of shoes for your car, TireOne Motors Corp has stocks available for you. Visit them along Illustre Ave. in Lemery, Batangas, for a complete tour of their selection of mags and tires. They’ll even fit your tires onto your car, with services like tire balancing and mounting as part and parcel of the list. Call them at +63 917 556 1556 for more information on what they offer. 

GloMags Tire Supply

Any long journey will require a comprehensive check of your car’s functionality. Before leaving, you need to know if your fluids are in good shape or any concerning sounds coming from your engine bay. However, not many people remember that their tires will need changing eventually. As you continue to drive, tires lose thread integrity, leading to problems while traveling at high speeds. It’s also good to consider the conditions of Philippine weather, as the heat can often wear down rubber faster than in other climates. Those in Southern Luzon will appreciate a Batangas tire shop like GloMags Tire Supply if they need a new set of slicks. 

GloMags Tire Supply sells all kinds of tires, ranging from private vehicle size to industrial types. In fact, trucks often need new tires that are quality because of the terrain they traverse. If you’ve been driving your car for five years or more, you likely need a new set because of wear and tear. For those who know that the Philippines’ roads and climate cause all sorts of car issues, you must have a good tire gallery on standby. Additionally, GloMags Tire Supply sells plenty of quality mags that can spruce up the aesthetic of your prized possession. 

You’ll find GloMags Tire Supply along National Road in Mahabang Parang, Batangas City. This store is one of the Batangas tire shops that supply various vehicles with tires and mags. Not only will vehicle owners benefit, but truck fleets will also enjoy the deals they will score from this shop. Call +63 995 867 2539 for a quote or information on their stocks if you’re interested. 

Auto Avenue Wash & Detail

Some roads in the south are dusty and contain plenty of dirt due to the provincial nature of Southern Luzon. Those who go for fun runs to Batangas will often experience an accumulation of dirt and particles. This grime can be detrimental for paint jobs and detailing. Additionally, entering and exiting any car will bring dirt into the interior. Dirt can unfortunately cause allergies and sicknesses if left unattended. If you’re the type to always bring your vehicle out for runs or errands, visiting a garage for auto detailing in Batangas like Auto Avenue Wash & Detail is crucial. Through quality wash procedures and utilizing various products and equipment, they can restore your car’s finish in no time. 

A clean car is always crucial to ownership. Once you decide to let go of a vehicle, buyers will have more interest if it was well maintained. This maintenance means both mechanical and aesthetic because no one wants to drive a beat-up ride that has seen better days. If you invest in quality detailing for your vehicle, it’s always going to have better resale value. Auto detailing garages in Batangas have tools and products to dig deep and clean up any dirt that accumulates. Visiting Auto Avenue Wash & Detail is definitely going to impress you, as they’ve dealt with supercars regularly.

Auto Avenue Wash & Detail is along N. Gonzales St. in Tanauan, Batangas. They serve all kinds of cars and ensure that they’re as clean as a whistle. Additionally, their open-air setup helps ease COVID-19 scares, so you’ll be safe while they clean your car. Contact them at +63 998 409 4988 for more information on their rates and packages. 


Maintaining a car means knowing when to swap out parts like tires and keeping it clean through auto detailing. Batangas is a popular vacation spot due to its accessibility thanks to the expressways. With that said, ensure you note these popular shops and garages. If you ever need tires or a clean car, these Batangas tire shops and detailing services will be of assistance.


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