Essential Car Parts Every Car Owner Must Know


Each part of your car plays a big role for the whole machine to run. If any of them falters, the whole system will be affected and you’ll find yourself facing car troubles. While you don’t need to be a vehicle expert to drive around, you should at least be familiar with the essential car parts and their functions so your safety won’t be compromised. 

Here’s an easy list for you:


The battery is what powers your engine and other electrical components in your car. Take note that this part requires replacing or servicing once every two to three years.

Essential Car Parts: car battery

Always be on the lookout for signs of a faulty battery, like dim headlights. If your battery is failing, it won’t be able to fully power your vehicle’s electrical components including your headlights. Another sign is if your car takes slightly longer than usual to start.

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The brake system is the most important thing to check on a car before driving. It consists of pads, rotors, parking cables, wheel bearings, springs, fluid exchange, and more. All of them must be in good shape to work correctly, and all are essential for safe driving. 

Essential Car Parts: brake system

When you see your brake light is on, hear squeaking or grinding noises, or feel a vibration when you brake, these are symptoms of a faulty brake system. So, make sure to visit a mechanic right away.

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It may be small, but spark plugs are one of the essential car parts. They help start your vehicle smoothly and improve fuel efficiency while reducing harmful emissions.

Essential Car Parts: spark plug

If your spark plugs are failing, your engine will sound rough when running idle, you’ll experience difficulty in starting your vehicle, and you’ll notice higher fuel consumption and lack of acceleration. When these happen, have your trusted mechanic check them as soon as possible.

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They are a rod or shaft that rotates the wheels. Axles also support the weight of the entire vehicle– its components, luggage, and even the humans who sit in it. 

Essential Car Parts: Axle car

Make sure to maintain your axles since it controls your vehicle. Some symptoms of faulty axles include clicking noises when turning, grease on the inside or edge of the tires, knocking sound, and vibration while driving. 


This part connects your engine to your wheels. It allows power from the engine to make the wheels move. In short, without a transmission, you won’t be able to drive. 

Essential Car Parts: Vehicle Transmission

Watch out for difficulty shifting gears, leaking transmission fluid, and grinding while shifting. These are common signs of a damaged transmission, so make sure to have your car checked if you’re experiencing any of these issues. 


As a car owner, you should take the responsibility of knowing and understanding at least the essential car parts to ensure your safety and everyone else’s on the road. 

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