How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Why


The most successful companies have two things in common: 1) stellar products and services, and 2) happy employees.

A lot of business professionals would even argue that a company’s best asset is not its products or its services.

Instead, they believe that most valuable corporate asset any company could ever have are talented and motivated employees. And we couldn’t agree more.

happy employees are the company's champion

In case you were wondering how relevant this is, a study conducted in the US reveals that only about 30% of employees are considered “engaged” to their work.

Being engaged with work means loving your job and the environment you are in. These people are your star employees. They are inspired, involved, and committed to do their work because they love doing their job.

Roughly 50% of all employees do the bare minimum work required of them, and wait until they could clock out at 5 PM.

A lot of people are guilty of this but this is not how our employees should be. You want employees who are rock stars and give it their all without doubts and put in the extra effort without being asked to.

The beepbeep.ph team have compiled some tips on how to make sure your employees are always happy, motivated and inspired.

These 12 ideas will help you turn them into the rock stars that your company deserves.

1. Respect them

To be respected is a basic human need. And as the saying goes, respect begets respect; it is as simple as that.

When you treat someone with respect, they will want to make sure that the quality of their work is at par with the respect that you give them for it.

And they do this to show that they respect you as well. Respect goes around and when you give it, it will eventually come back to you.

2. Show your appreciation

Show AppreciationI know I said the rock star workers do a good job, not for recognition but because they love their work, but it never hurts to recognize them for it.

Everybody feels good when acknowledged, especially if they know they deserve it, so why not give them a compliment or two for their hard work?

Give them that pat on the back for a job well done. It’s not that difficult anyway and it may even start a ripple effect among your employees.

3. Give them room for growth

give them room for growthIt is so easy to keep an employee right where he is, thinking, “That’s his level so that’s where he belongs.” Oftentimes though, you stick to such mentality so hard that you don’t even realize that the employees are stagnating.

You have to give them room to grow, and that’s not going to happen by making them do the same old tasks that they’ve been doing since the day you hired them.

Give them new tasks and let them embrace bigger responsibilities. This will help them gain confidence in their work and in their abilities.

4. Get to know your employees

A little goes a long way. Knowing your employees’ strengths and weaknesses can help you determine the perfect opportunities for them.

On the other hand, getting to know them on the personal level will help you get through to them better, and even allow you to customize rewards for them. Your assistant likes coffee? Reward him with a gift certificate to his favorite coffee shop!

Tokens such as medals, certificates, and plaques will just be shoved in a drawer somewhere. But if you give them something that is personal, there is no doubt in my mind that they will treasure it, the same way they will treasure you and your company.

5. Give them freedom and autonomy

Face it: nobody likes a helicopter boss who’s always hovering above everyone while they work. It makes people uneasy and can even cause them to make mistakes. Give them some space.

People generally don’t like being micromanaged and giving them the step by step of each task makes them feel small and insignificant.

You have to trust them to be able to do it by themselves. You might just be pleasantly surprised at what they can accomplish when given the chance.

6. Ask for their ideas

ask for their ideasWhen you ask for their ideas, it shows them that you value their input and that their ideas matter in the bigger picture.

By asking them what they think, you are giving them a voice. It makes them feel significant, and more importantly, if these ideas are implemented, it would make them feel more invested in your business.

When you let them make certain decisions for the company, they are more likely to accept it and follow through with it. Let them decide where to go for the company outing or what the theme for the Christmas party is going to be.

These might seem like insignificant things but it all helps cultivate a healthy working environment.

7. Be accessible

The key to cultivating a healthy working relationship with your subordinates is accessibility.

When they know that they can talk to you about the things that matter, that you would listen to them and acknowledge their thoughts despite your respective positions in the corporate ladder, then they will know that they are valued and respected.

Yes, there are employer-employee relationship boundaries but being there for your employees does not mean removing those boundaries.

Keep your communication lines open and let them know they can come to you.

8. Share your vision

share your visionIt always helps to be more open to your employees about your plans and goals. When your employees understand what they are working towards, they will be more motivated to help you achieve that.

Knowing that they have a place in the grand scheme of things will make them value their position, thus making them feel more invested in your company.

9. Provide competitive benefits

provide competitive benefitsIf a company cannot provide you competitive pay and benefits, then you would obviously choose to work for another company that can.

By paying them what they deserve and giving them competitive benefits, you are in fact letting them know that they are important to you and your company and that they don’t have to look anywhere else.

10. Offer responsibility instead of assigning tasks

offer responsibility instead of assigning tasksWhile others would readily step up to the plate when in the face of a heavy task, others would feel pressured and shrink away.

In order to get the best out of your employees, it would be better to rely on one’s initiative to take on the task at hand.

Offering the responsibility instead of assigning it helps them better assess as well as challenge themselves for bigger things.

11. Make training and learning available

One of the most rewarding parts of working is knowing that you are growing and developing both as an employee and as an individual.

This can happen through a multitude of ways, but the best way to make sure that your employees are growing is to make learning opportunities available to them. Organize trainings or endorse mentorships.

This way, you ensure that they are continuously learning new things and gaining new skills that can be used for the benefit of the company. It’s a win-win for everyone.

12. Set an example

This cannot be stressed enough. People learn through example and what better way to make rock stars out of your employees than by being a rock star yourself?

If you want them to work with enthusiasm and genuine joy in their hearts, then you have to have and show that same enthusiasm in your own self. Follow your own rules so that everyone else will.

When the boss works harder and is more motivated than everyone else, it gives the employees that inspirational boost to take their efforts a step further and that will be the key to your success.

Key Takeaway

These are just some of the ways that you can keep your employees happy. By following the steps identified above, you are showing your employees that they are valued, trusted, respected, and loved.

In doing so, your employees will reciprocate that value, trust, respect, and love that you give them by channeling it into the quality of their work.

It is already hard enough to find trustworthy people who have the skills that we need to build our company, but it is even harder to find their replacements once we do.

So when we find them, we have to make sure to treasure them so that we can keep them right where they belong — which is right there with us, of course.

These little things that we never thought mattered all do. And just by going that extra step, we can create that ideal workplace that we all want and deserve.

These things will keep your rock stars happy, and turn the rest of your employees into rock stars. It’s all in your hands now.


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