Easily Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit with this FastLane Partner Shop


Our country experiences extreme heat with harsh bouts of rain, making working air conditioning a necessity. Without it, drives can be tough, and this is especially true any time of the year. It’s also important to keep the whole unit and assembly clean so that it doesn’t develop nasty smells or mold growth. Want to keep your unit in peak condition? Here’s why you should get your air conditioning unit cleaned by PFE Car Aircon Parts as part of FastLane partner shop car services:

Car Air Conditioning Done Right With PFE Car Aircon Parts

Car air conditioning is often viewed as complicated due to all the parts involved with the mechanism. Even so, it really is one of the crucial components of daily driving. A comfortable drive is often dictated by the quality of the car’s air conditioning unit.

Since it’s one of the more vital parts, once it starts to release warmer air or develop strange scents, this is a sign that you’ll need to bring it in for servicing. Visiting PFE Car Aircon Parts is one of the places to go because of their experience in the industry. With almost 150,000 likes and followers on Facebook, this car air conditioning garage is one of the strongest businesses in the Philippines.

“No Baklas Dashboard Car Aircon Cleaning” By PFE Car Aircon Parts

The term “no baklas” means big things when it comes to automotive repairs and maintenance. Many times, cars are mechanical marvels that require mechanics to take them apart fully to access certain items. Air conditioning units used to require arduous processes to be cleaned, and maintenance was not always easy. However, with modern technologies and equipment, the assembly no longer has to be taken apart. PFE Car Aircon Parts has this part of their arsenal and is ready to do a deep clean whenever you need it. 

Once your car starts to feel hotter than usual, it’s probably time for cleaning. Additionally, a filter means lots of dust and particles are present. Good thing you can get a top-quality service with your FastLane membership card! At a rate of PHP2,500, it’s a great deal that beats most dealership rates.  

Air Conditioning Cleaning and More at PFE Car Aircon Parts

PFE Car Aircon Parts is arguably the biggest and most prominent car air conditioning business in the Metro Manila area. This FastLane partner shop is always working on ways to serve its customers better. Whether you need simple cleaning services, freon top-ups, or even a full rework of the air conditioning system, PFE Car Aircon Parts has your back. 

Never worry about not having cold air coming out of your car’s vents as long as you keep the maintenance checks routine. With services this affordable, thanks to the FastLane membership card, you’ll never look back at the casa ever again. 

Discover More FastLane Partner Shops with the FastLane Card

The FastLane membership is more than just your average car services membership card. While it does come with roadside assistance, concierge services, and access to other deals, the biggest gain is the discounts you’ll receive. With our ever-growing list of partner shops, you’ll never be caught in a bad place when it comes to your car. 

Find the FastLane membership card to have access to this FastLane partner shop and more on our Lazada and Shopee storefronts today!


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