Driving a Bit Too Hassle for You? Consider Getting a Driver.


Driving in Manila feels like paying your bills. It’s such a burden that nobody wants to do it, but everyone does anyway because they need to. While it’s fun zipping through expressways and provincial roads, driving in the city just feels like a chore with every traffic jam feeling slower than the last. 

In the urban jungle, if you let one car stop, the whole road slows. If there’s such a thing as “traffic physics”, that’s one rule you gotta remember.

With 2020 already coming in hard, there’s gotta be a way to make drives in the city a bit comfier. If you want a smooth driving experience in Manila, then you should consider hiring a driver — which in 2020, might be easier than you think.

Personal drivers are a luxury.

In the Philippines, personal/family drivers are typically reserved to a relative few who have the means of hiring one. Employing a driver requires a lot of time, patience, and honestly, money. Not everyone can afford to put someone on a monthly payroll.

If you’re desperately in need of a convenient ride in the city though, what other choice do you have? There are many transport options available now, but we don’t think that’s the best solution around.

Maybe Driver on Demand is exactly what you need.

driver on demand personal driver chauffeur for hire

Comfortable rides even in traffic

While the idea of hiring a driver has been around for a long time, Driver on Demand has gotten a lot of attention recently for being a convenient choice for car owners in the city.

Driver on Demand’s promise is simple. A client can hire a driver to bring them anywhere in the city within the comfort of their own car. The rate’s flat, too. At P1,295, it’s far more affordable than getting a permanent driver on a payroll.

Just imagine going from BGC to QC on a sweldo Friday. No matter what car you own, you’re bound to get stuck in traffic.

Now instead of driving yourself, you can just book a Driver on Demand for the day and relax inside your car, knowing that the burden of driving doesn’t fall on your hands anymore. Genius, right?

via DPWH Sec. Mark VIllar www.facebook.com/secmarkvillar

The silver lining ahead

With the number of cars in Manila increasing every year, it’s no wonder that traffic is also getting worse. EDSA alone is expected to exceed its supposed daily capacity of only 280,000 vehicles for 2020, as records from 2019 already show that on average, 405,882 passed through it daily.

There’s a silver lining though: with the new NLEX-SLEX (Skyway Stage 3) connector road opening soon, traffic in Manila can hopefully ease down in the coming months. It’s expected to cut the trip duration from Buendia to Balintawak to just 15 minutes.

For now however, one can only hope for better traffic this year. Fingers crossed?

To learn more about Driver on Demand, visit our FAQ blog here! You may also inquire at our hotline, (02) 8541-9999 or our website. Book a Driver on Demand now!


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